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Innocent of wrongdoing,
  1. Innocent of wrongdoing
    • - he led a blameless life

  1. free of guilt; not subject to blame; "has lived a blameless life"; "of irreproachable character"; "an unimpeachable reputation"
  2. (blamelessness) a state of innocence
  3. Blameless is an hip hop and rock band from Jacksonville, Florida. The band's members are Kirwinn "Kaj Mike (vocals, keyboard), Akeem "A-King" Brailsford (rapper), Mark "Jules" Taylor (rapper, guitar), J.P Fuller (Lead guitar, backing vocals), Steve Schnepel (bass guitar) and Jason Callicott (drums).
  4. Free from blame; without fault; innocent; guiltless; Not meriting blame or censure; undeserving of reproof
  5. not at fault for something bad that has happened
  6. The Course states repeatedly that, in Reality, we are still as God created us, blameless, innocent, guiltless, and sinless. Only the ego, in its own dreamworld, blames, accuses others of sin or makes guilty. ...