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beheld, past tense; beholds, 3rd person singular present; beholding, present participle; beheld, past participle;
  1. See or observe (a thing or person, esp. a remarkable or impressive one)
    • - behold your king!
    • - the botanical gardens were a wonder to behold

  1. see with attention; "behold Christ!"
  2. Behold is a brand of Furniture Polish produced by the Sara Lee Corporation. Behold furniture polish and Endust dusting aid were previously produced by Drackett. When Drackett was sold to S. C. Johnson & Son in 1992, these two products, Endust and Behold, were sold to Sara Lee. S.C. ...
  3. To see, or to look at
  4. Behold is a common word found in the Bible (1275 times in the KJV) but not really used in our English language today. Being an abstract word it does not really convey the Hebraicness of the word hiyneyh. Each Hebrew word is giving a picture of a action and this word is no different. ...
  5. When two planets are within orb of an aspect, they are said to behold one another.
  6. Look at and consider.