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beginners, plural;
  1. A person just starting to learn a skill or take part in an activity

  1. novice: someone new to a field or activity
  2. founder: a person who founds or establishes some institution; "George Washington is the father of his country"
  3. Beginner (formerly Absolute Beginner -- the phrase in German is plural because of the form of the adjective) is a German rap group from Hamburg, consisting of Eizi Eiz [alias Jan Delay/Eißfeldt], Denyo and DJ Mad.
  4. Beginners is a 2010 film written and directed by Mike Mills. It tells the story of Oliver (Ewan McGregor), a man trying to deal with two stunning revelations from his 75 year-old father Hal (Christopher Plummer): that Hal is gay and that he is gravely ill. ...
  5. Someone who is just starting at something, or has only recently started; Someone who sets (or puts) something in motion
  6. (Beginners) A call given by the stage manager to bring those actors who appear at the beginning of the play or act to the stage. Traditionally given five minutes before curtain time. Also Places Please.
  7. (Beginners) Those members of the cast who are on-stage when the curtain goes up. The call (qv) "Overture and beginners" is a signal to the orchestra to start the introductory music and to the cast to get into position on-stage.
  8. (Beginners) (English language websites)
  9. (Beginners (Bunrang)) For beginners--those who've studied Irish for less than 6 months or have reached no further than Chapter 12 of Progress in Irish.
  10. (Beginners) Directory Bonuses Reviews Exclusives Affiliates
  11. (Beginners) If you are taking your first steps in the Hebrew language and you do not feel comfortable reading words with no vowel indication it is recommended that you use a regular paperback Hebrew dictionary – for example, the Achiasaf Hebrew-English dictionary comes with a full phonetic ...
  12. (Beginners) Just starting out? Learn all you can about bodybuilding, diet, training & supplementation.
  13. The word beginner refers to levels A1 and A2 as defined in the Global Scale grid of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. You should take into account that sometimes learning materials are based on different definitions of a beginner.
  14. the lowest level of English learner; learner may have had little or no previous exposure to the language
  15. Anyone who starts learning chess or anyone who realizes how little they do know.
  16. main type of movements - rotary. Skier very often sitting on the back seat, skis moving flat, edge angle doesn't exist. For you as an instructor the main goal to put this skier in central stance. Put as much attention as you can on hands position and pressure on the tongue of his/her boots. ...
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  18. This gives you a decent chance of beating your computer opponent and is the entry level to choose.
  19. A horse which is termed a good beginner is either a pacer which shows a lot of speed at the start of a mobile event, or a trotter or pacer which steps away cleanly from a standing start. ...
  20. usually consists of one- to two-lined posts to one paragraph. Beginner posts may feature spelling and grammatical mistakes as well as the use of "wolfspeak".
  21. or Novice: Someone who has just started dancing. The line as to when this title no longer applies has been discussed at length; but Ceroc defines it as someone who has done less than 12 weeks of classes.
  22. The lowest amateur skill level of racing. Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Expert
  23. A dancer at the introductory stages of dance. Also see Difficulty Level.
  24. (nau-aamoz) zomAx-uxan