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For the reason that; since,
  1. For the reason that; since
    • - we did it because we felt it our duty
    • - just because I'm inexperienced doesn't mean that I lack perception

  1. "Because" is a song with music by Guy d'Hardelot and lyrics by Edward Teschemacher, originally published in 1902.
  2. "Because" is the fourth single released from Australian singer Jessica Mauboy's debut studio album, Been Waiting. The single was released both physically and digitally on 12 June 2009 iTunes Store. Retrieved 2010-09-08.
  3. "Because" is a ballad written by John Lennon (credited to Lennon/McCartney) and performed by The Beatles. It features a 3-part harmony vocal performance between Lennon, McCartney and George Harrison, overdubbed three times to make nine voices in all. ...
  4. For the reason (that); On account (of), for sake (of); Used alone to refuse to provide a full answer a question begun with "why", often taken as an ellipsis of "Because I said so"; By or for the cause that; on this account that; for the reason that; As known because; as inferred because; as ...
  5. Here's a word best avoided in physics. Whenever it appears one can be almost certain that it's a filler word in a sentence which says nothing worth saying, or a word used when one can't think of a good or specific reason. ...
  6. be careful to specify exactly what causes what. The error occurs in essays about literature when writers are drawing conclusions from evidence:
  7. TStream does not descend from TComponent, and AClass refers to a TComponent class. The compiler can (and will) check this at compile time, and will produce an error.
  8. The word "because" implies a "causal" relationship, where one condition or action "causes" another condition or action. For action "A" to "cause" action "B" it must be both sufficient and necessary. ...
  9. becomes cuz, bcuz, bcz, bcos, bc, cos, coz or bcoz