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baritones, plural;
  1. Second lowest in musical pitch

  1. An adult male singing voice between tenor and bass
    • - he sang in a rich baritone
  2. A singer with such a voice

  3. A part written for such a voice

  4. An instrument that is second lowest in pitch in its family

  5. A large, valved brass instrument in coiled oval form, used esp. in military or street bands

  1. lower in range than tenor and higher than bass; "a baritone voice"; "baritone oboe"
  2. a male singer
  3. the second lowest adult male singing voice
  4. Baritone (or barytone) is a type of male singing voice that lies between the bass and tenor voices. It is the most common male voice. ...
  5. The male voice between tenor and bass; A person, instrument, or group that performs the baritone part; Specifically, an instrument similar to the euphonium
  6. Timbre tends to be thick and creamy. Vocal range: G or F an octave below middle C, to F or G above middle C.
  7. The most common category of the male voice; lower than a tenor, but higher than a bass. Baritones were more commonly used in during the Romantic opera era.
  8. The medium male voice. lies between the low bass voice and the higher tenor voice.
  9. a male voice with a range between that of the low bass voice and the high tenor. The usual span is between G and e'. Baritone parts may require either expressive, lyricial singing or they may be more heroic, as in the title role of Verdi's Rigoletto.
  10. the range of male voice pitch that is deeper than tenor, but not so deep as bass.
  11. A device for doubling with trombones except using the right notes. Also used for playing during silence.
  12. longer scale, heavier strings, lower sounding baritone guitar.
  13. Male voice of moderately low range.
  14. man's voice of medium pitch