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Wearing nothing on the feet,
  1. Wearing nothing on the feet
    • - I won't walk barefoot

  1. without shoes; "the barefoot boy"; "shoeless Joe Jackson"
  2. Going barefoot (also barefooted) means for a person not to use, or to go without, any type of footwear. For all of human evolutionary, ancient, and modern history and for much of the time today, being barefoot has been and is normal, at least for part of the day. ...
  3. Barefoot is the debut album of Israeli pop rock singer Ninette Tayeb.
  4. Elin Hilderbrand is an American writer of Summer beach read romance novels. Hildebrand's novels have all been set on and around Nantucket Island where she lives with her husband and three children."The Love Season" - . Accessed 24 November 2008. ...
  5. Barefoot is a surname, and may refer to: *Robert Barefoot, Canadian alternative health doctor and advocate of coral calcium *Darren Barefoot, Canadian blogger and information technology executive *Ken Barefoot, former tight end for Virginia Tech, the Washington Redskins, and the Detroit Lions *, ...
  6. wearing nothing on the feet; not using snow chains; wearing nothing on the feet
  7. (15. Barefooting) Barefooting is Water Skiing without the aid of skis or any other device attached to the skier's bare feet. Speed is an extremely important factor since barefoot skiing necessitates greater speeds than when using wood or fiberglass skis. ...
  8. To wander in the night barefoot with torn garments, denotes that you will be crushed in expectation, and evil influences will surround your every effort.
  9. "If government didn't exercise control over the manufacture, distribution, price and sale of shoes we would all go barefoot!" If "shoes" doesn't suit you, just substitute "police" or "fire protection" or "mail delivery" or anything else the government claims to provide. ...
  10. Car or engine without brakes. (Many locomotives built in the 1860's and 1870's were not equipped with brakes except on the tank)
  11. the key word is BARE. If you are wearing socks, you’re not barefoot. Also a term erroneously used to describe certain types of shoes (minimalist).
  12. When a skier is using the bottom of their feet to move along the top of the water. They are skiing with out wearing any skis.
  13. Having cold feet with regard to subject matter of dream
  14. A horse without shoes. More properly called "unshod".
  15. A veterinary and farrier term referring to horses that live without shoes. Also known as “unshod.”
  16. To dream that you are barefoot is a sign that you should seek a change in the company you are keeping.
  17. transmitting with a transceiver alone without a linear amplifier.
  18. To dream that you are barefoot represents your playful attitudes and relaxed, carefree attitude.
  19. Going shoeless is perfect for a beach wedding.
  20. The removal of one or both shoes.
  21. A barefoot horse wears no shoes.
  22. costarnocht [kosturNokht]
  23. A horse, which is unshod.