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banquets, plural;
  1. Entertain with a banquet
    • - there are halls for banqueting up to 3,000 people
    • - a banqueting hall
  1. An elaborate and formal evening meal for many people, often followed by speeches
    • - the Austrian emperor's lavish banquets
    • - a banquet table
  2. An elaborate and extensive meal; a feast
    • - a ten-course banquet

  1. feast: provide a feast or banquet for
  2. a ceremonial dinner party for many people
  3. a meal that is well prepared and greatly enjoyed; "a banquet for the graduating seniors"; "the Thanksgiving feast"; "they put out quite a spread"
  4. A banquet is a large meal or feast, complete with main courses and desserts. It usually serves a purpose, such as a charitable gathering, a ceremony, or a celebration, often preceded or followed by speeches in honor of someone.
  5. Banquet is the fourth album by progressive rock band Lucifer's Friend, released in 1974. By this time there was no heavy metal sound, it was now strictly progressive rock and a lot of jazz fusion. The song "Our World Is A Rock N' Roll Band" was the opening track on some versions (i.e. the U.S. ...
  6. Bloc Party is an EP compilation of Bloc Party's first two UK-only singles: "She's Hearing Voices" and "Banquet/Staying Fat". Released on 24 May 2004, it was Bloc Party's first V2 Records EP. ...
  7. "Banquet" is a single from British band Bloc Party's debut album Silent Alarm. It was released in the United Kingdom by Wichita Recordings on 25 April 2005. ...
  8. The Banquet (Chinese: ; Haomen yeyan; literally "Rich and Powerful Family Evening Banquet"), also known as Party of a Wealthy Family, is a 1991 Hong Kong comedy film. ...
  9. "The Banquet" is the fifth episode of the first season of the American comedy television series Parks and Recreation. It originally aired on NBC in the United States on May 8, 2009. It was written by Tucker Cawley and directed by Beth McCarthy-Miller. ...
  10. A large celebratory meal; a feast; To participate in a banquet
  11. It is good to dream of a banquet. Friends will wait to do you favors. To dream of yourself, together with many gaily-attired guests, eating from costly plate and drinking wine of fabulous price and age, foretells enormous gain in enterprises of every nature, and happiness among friends. ...
  12. An elaborate and often ceremonious meal for numerous people, often including speakers or presentations.
  13. had two meanings. It could refer to a grand dinner as it still does today, or to the final course of sweets. In Tudor and Stuart times the banquet often referred to the latter. There were specialized recipes just for the banquet. ...
  14. One of the biggest secrets in camp – a very special dinner the last night of 2nd session
  15. TO dream that you are dining with friends at a lavishly set table is an omen of good things to come.
  16. a formal meal, sometimes ceremonial in nature, for a large group of people
  17. A built-in counter / cabinet in the dining room used to store china, linens, silverware and act as a serving counter during the meal.  The banquet alleviates table clutter when multiple courses are being served and permits a self serve dining option in the dining room.
  18. For a young person to dream of a banquet is fortunate, but if the dreamer is older this is not so good. Attending a banquet shows that any social activity will be costly. To attend a political banquet in a dream denotes disappointments.