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bang up wordnet sense
  1. damage or destroy as if by violence; "The teenager banged up the car of his mother"
  2. very good; "he did a bully job"; "a neat sports car"; "had a great time at the party"; "you look simply smashing"
  3. impregnate: make pregnant; "He impregnated his wife again"
  4. Especially good; wonderful; superb
  5. To damage; To put someone in prison; Wonderful
  6. first rate. "They did a bang-up job."
  7. a frieze overcoat with high collar and long cape.
  8. Quite the thing, hellish fine. Well done. Compleat. Dashing. In a handsome stile. A bang up cove; a dashing fellow who spends his money freely. ...
  9. Term used by a supervisor who announces the game closing.
  10. To close up a Poker game voluntarily.