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baguettes, plural;
  1. A long, narrow loaf of French bread

  2. A gem, esp. a diamond, cut in a long rectangular shape
    • - a baguette diamond
  3. A small molding, semicircular in section

  4. A slim, rectangular handbag

  1. baguet: narrow French stick loaf
  2. A baguette is "a long thin loaf of French bread" that is commonly made from basic lean dough (the dough, though not the shape, is defined by French law). It is distinguishable by its length, crisp crust, and slits that enable the proper expansion of gases.
  3. Baguette was an Australian bred Thoroughbred racehorse that was undefeated as a two-year-old and became the first winner of the Two Year Old Triple Crown. His wins included 14 Principal Races and he retired to become a good sire.
  4. a narrow, relatively long rectangular shape; a gem cut in such a shape; a variety of bread that is long and narrow in shape
  5. These small, rectangular stones are used as accessories to larger stones and are normally step cut.
  6. Ladies style watch with a thin, elongated face; usually rectangular in shape but may be oval.
  7. Baguette is a rectangular shape into which gemstones and diamonds are commonly cut. Baguettes are often used as side stones in ring mountings.
  8. A rectangular cut stone with squared corners.
  9. refers to a diamond cut in the shape of a narrow bar, sometimes tapered at one end. It was named after the long French bread loaf.
  10. Small stones which are rectangular-shaped and faceted.
  11. A lappet of mail (see Little Brayettes).
  12. A small handbag shaped like a long roll of bread, resembling a French baguette.
  13. Culinary symbol of France, a long bread loaf
  14. a long, thin, crisp loaf of French bread.
  15. A step-cut style of cut developed in the early 20th century.Derived from the French word for "rod", this rectangular cut normally has 14 facets and is used for side stones. Return to Top  »
  16. A diamond cut, usually rectangular, but can also be tapered.
  17. French for "rod". A step cut used for rectangular stones, chiefly those of small size.
  18. (bag-et) A long, slender loaf of bread. Typically made in traditional French bread style, they can also be seeded or sourdough.
  19. A small convex molding with semi-circular contours.
  20. means 'little rod' and is derived from Latin baculum 'staff, stick'
  21. [bag-EHT] A French bread that`s been formed into a long, narrow cylindrical loaf. It usually has a crisp brown crust and light, chewy interior.
  22. A narrow rectangular-cut stone most often chosen for diamonds.  When associated with emeralds, it is called an emerald-cut.
  23. a stone in the shape of a narrow rectangle.
  24. A gemstone, often a diamond, cut in a narrow rectangular shape. Small diamonds cut this way are often used as accents. A tapered baguette has one short end narrower than the opposite end, forming a trapezoid.
  25. The female equivalent of a douchebag, easily spotted by her unevenly orange skin, refusal to pay for anything, unnecessary cruelty to anyone not wearing designer togs and personality of an empty can of sugar-free Red Bull. ...