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backlogs, plural;
  1. An accumulation of something, esp. uncompleted work or matters that need to be dealt with
    • - the company took on extra staff to clear the backlog of work

  1. an accumulation of jobs not done or materials not processed that are yet to be dealt with (especially unfilled customer orders for products or services)
  2. accumulate and create a backlog
  3. the large log at the back of a hearth fire
  4. reserve: something kept back or saved for future use or a special purpose
  5. Backlog is a joint compilation album between by electronica musicians Leftfield and Djum Djum, released in 1992. It contained mixes of Leftfield's first two releases Not Forgotten and More Than I Know from between 1990 and 1991 and two mixes by Neil Barnes of the Djum Djum track Difference. ...
  6. An accumulation or buildup, especially of unfilled orders or unfinished work; A reserve source or supply; To acquire something as a backlog, or to become a backlog
  7. a Ministry of Forests term applied to forest land areas where silviculture treatments such as planting and site preparation are overdue. ...
  8. All the cases that haven’t been settled or decided in the time the law says they should be.
  9. The quantity of goods still to be delivered, received, produced, issued, etc., for which the planned or agreed date has expired. The total number of customer orders which have been received but not yet been shipped. Synonym: Open Order.
  10. The number of requests or administrative appeals that are pending beyond the statutory time period for a response.
  11. the aggregate commitments under Phare or for an individual country not yet contracted.
  12. Typically, total firm orders minus aircraft deliveries
  13. Work that is not completed by the nominated "required by date." The period each work order is overdue is defined as the difference between the current date and the "required by date." All work that doesn’t have a specified required by date is generally included on the backlog. ...
  14. When a web request comes in for your app, the Heroku routing mesh routes it to a randomly-chosen dyno. In most cases, a dyno will be ready to take the request immediately. ...
  15. Value of signed orders in the portfolio to be filled, expressed as gross or net revenue.
  16. Booked (accepted) but unshipped customer orders or interplant orders. The backlog represents all open orders, not necessarily a past due status.
  17. Is used to refer to the value of the unfilled orders placed with a company (manufacturing).
  18. list of unshipped orders that customers are currently waiting on
  19. The backlog is a phase in your process that contains all the stories that need to be worked on. There is a backlog for each project and it is located on the left side of your board. Cycle time begins when a story is moved out of the backlog.
  20. A total inventory of cases that have not reached disposition within mandated timeframes.
  21. The known work input that is beyond the workload capability of an organization or segment of an organization for any given period of time.
  22. Total inventory of cases at issue (in civil cases) or defendants arraigned (in criminal cases) and awaiting trial.
  23. a) The amount of work that accumulates when a system or process is unavailable for a long period of time. This work needs to be processed once the system or process is available and may take a considerable amount of time to process.
  24. Activities held in inventory that have yet to be initiated as work-in-process.  See Product, Project, or Sprint Backlog.
  25. Also knows as “product backlog,” the backlog is a prioritized list of user stories and defects in order from most valuable to least valuable for a system. Backlogs include both functional and non-functional user stories as well as technical team-generated stories.