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backdrops, plural;
  1. Provide a background or setting for
    • - an ornate fountain, and at its center, backdropped with golden spray, a statue of a young girl
  1. A painted cloth hung at the back of a theater stage as part of the scenery

  2. The setting or background for a scene, event, or situation
    • - the conference took place against a backdrop of increasing diplomatic activity

  1. scenery hung at back of stage
  2. A decorated cloth hung at the back of a stage; The setting or background of a historical event
  3. (Backdrops) are items introduced in Generation IV. They are stored in the Fashion Case, along with Accessories.
  4. Whatever the model stands in front of during a photo shoot. In a studio, this is usually seamless paper or a faux location scene.
  5. Where underground drain runs have to change level to go lower, it is not possible to increase the slope downwards beyond certain limits as anything other than clear liquid would be left behind. ...
  6. An optional element that lies behind everything drawn in a scene.
  7. The one application that cannot be closed. The Notepad is the default backdrop on Newton MessagePad device and Newton Works is the default on the eMate, but a user can use the Extras Drawer to make a different application the backdrop. Source: NUIG
  8. Trick where a prop is held over a shoulder & dropped behind the back. Not to be confused with a Dropback.
  9. A vertical surface with painted designs which is used to form the background for a theatrical setting, usually made of heavy cloth, sometimes drawn tight to achieve a smooth, flat surface, sometimes textured. It may also be used as a cyclorama.
  10. an optional adjustable rectangular area of color behind a screen element.
  11. Artificial background, usually painted on a cyclorama, curtain, or flats, used to achieve the effect of a natural environment such as a forest, beach, prairies, mountains, or other landscape in a shot or sequence.
  12. The drop farthest upstage in most settings. Also a large curtain, sometimes with a picture or design.
  13. Background used in a photographer's studio
  14. Curtains, panels or screens located upstage to provide a setting.
  15. Large flat surface at the rear of the stage, painted to suggest locale and used with wings in seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries. In present day Theatre it usually represents a sky.
  16. A background mural of scenery or sky either on a wall behind the layout or on a freestanding dividers that gives the illusion of depth to the scene or obstructs the view of tracks or other itmes. A backdrop can be painted, a printed background, large photograph or a combination of media.
  17. is a flat seamless cotton fabric curtain that provides a scenic element to the stage.
  18. A background placed behind the subject of a photograph and usually a cloth. Backdrops come in solid colors as well as with designs, patterns, or printed scenes.
  19. cloth, drape, or panels hung at the back of a stage set. Often made of canvas on which a scene is painted or now can also be digitally printed
  20. A painted or black cloth hung down behind the acting area hide the backstage and to mark the back of the area in which acting takes place. See also Blacks.
  21. Usually canvas at the back of the stage in a theatre, the backdrop provides a visual setting for the scene being played out, and may change several times during the course of a play.