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awarenesses, plural;
  1. Knowledge or perception of a situation or fact
    • - we need to raise public awareness of the issue
    • - there is a lack of awareness of the risks
  2. Concern about and well-informed interest in a particular situation or development
    • - a growing environmental awareness
    • - his political awareness developed

  1. having knowledge of; "he had no awareness of his mistakes"; "his sudden consciousness of the problem he faced"; "their intelligence and general knowingness was impressive"
  2. state of elementary or undifferentiated consciousness; "the crash intruded on his awareness"
  3. Awareness is the state or ability to perceive, to feel, or to be conscious of events, objects or sensory patterns. In this level of consciousness, sense data can be confirmed by an observer without necessarily implying understanding. ...
  4. the ability to perceive the existence of.
  5. Penetration of a product, concept or advertisement  into the conscious mind. Awareness-raising is often the aim of a campaign and is expressed as a percentage of the target audience. There are two types of awareness: spontaneous and prompted.
  6. Awareness is how well-known a company, brand, or product is. Companies will typically set a goal for awareness (say, 80 percent of their target audience will recognize the brand name), and then spend as smartly as they can towards that goal.
  7. Refers to how aware the prospect is of his desire for the benefits your product offers. This idea was introduced by Gene Schwartz, because your ad – especially your headline – must address the prospect’s level of awareness.
  8. All minds are included within the five sense awarenesses and mental awareness. There are five types of sense awareness: eye awareness, ear awareness, nose awareness, tongue awareness, and body awareness. ...
  9. Activities and materials designed to increase users' or customers' knowledge of security topics, how to keep themselves and their computing assets secure, and how to react in the event of an incident.
  10. Measuring the target audiences’ (residents, business leaders, public officials, etc.) overall awareness of mobility management strategies and programs.
  11. Awareness is a learning process that sets the stage for
  12. To promote awareness and understanding of ISMS standards, certification and developments for the benefit of business globally.
  13. The recalled recollection of an outdoor advertising message by consumers.
  14. The familiarity of a product, brand name, company, new concept or trademark.
  15. Consciousness of stimulation, arising from within or from outside the person. [Click Here to Return to List]
  16. (rig) – a cognitive engagement (‘ jug-pa) with the cognitive appearance of an object, but not necessarily with understanding.
  17. the consciousness that a product or organisation exists.
  18. One of the goals of brand advertising, as brand advertising doesn’t solicit immediate, direct sales, but intends to form favorable impressions that will (hopefully) motivate the consumer to seek out and buy the advertiser’s product or service.
  19. The content and quality of our lives depend on our level of awareness -- a fact that we are often not aware of.  With its emphasis on awareness and mindfulness, Buddhism has much to offer the new environmentalism. ...
  20. You are the eternal silent awareness, the nonjudgmental observer of your reality. All it takes to experience your true Self is to maintain a state of awareness without judging or labeling or the content of the world. Simply be aware of content without mental commentary. ...
  21. The first phase of the product marketing cycle, during which prospects gain awareness of the product/service.
  22. Knowing and realizing using alertness and observation. Firsthand experience that transforms.
  23. the moment-to-moment living your life from the paradigm of your True Self.   Life with Awareness is the action, or doing, of your life with higher-consciousness. This includes relationships (family, romantic, etc.), career, hobbies, your body and our world. ...
  24. Having or showing understanding or knowledge of something.
  25. Generally, being conscious of and having some knowledge of. Also termed 'Recall'.