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avoiding, present participle; avoids, 3rd person singular present; avoided, past tense; avoided, past participle;
  1. Keep away from or stop oneself from doing (something)
    • - avoid excessive exposure to the sun
    • - the kind of place that Robyn would normally have avoided like the plague
  2. Contrive not to meet (someone)
    • - boys lined up to meet Gloria, but avoided her bossy sister
  3. (of a person or a route) Not go to or through (a place)
    • - this route avoids downtown Boston
  4. Prevent from happening
    • - make the necessary adjustments to avoid an accident
  5. Repudiate, nullify, or render void (a decree or contract)

  1. stay clear from; keep away from; keep out of the way of someone or something; "Her former friends now avoid her"
  2. debar: prevent the occurrence of; prevent from happening; "Let's avoid a confrontation"; "head off a confrontation"; "avert a strike"
  3. refrain from doing something; "She refrains from calling her therapist too often"; "He should avoid publishing his wife's memories"
  4. keep off: refrain from certain foods or beverages; "I keep off drugs"; "During Ramadan, Muslims avoid tobacco during the day"
  5. invalidate: declare invalid; "The contract was annulled"; "void a plea"
  6. To keep away from; to keep clear of; to endeavor not to meet; to shun; to abstain from; as, to avoid the company of gamesters; To make empty; to clear; To make void, to annul; to refute (especially a contract); To defeat or evade; to invalidate. ...
  7. (Avoiding) A conflict management technique in which the participants deny that conflict exists.
  8. (Avoiding) The best option, albeit usually the most expensive and resource-intense is to avoid the risk. Eliminate the risk. There are two ways to eliminate a risk: 1. eliminate the process to which the risk is attached 2. ...
  9. (Avoiding) The desire to withdraw from or suppress a conflict.
  10. (avoiding) the relationship stage that finds interactants seeking not to have contact with each other.
  11. Avoid it as state in favour of the having the default value
  12. the species has a less than 50% chance of optimal growth.
  13. Interpretations gone awry, unfortunate storylines, and just plain bad stuff
  14. people already ill with colds or flu, or visit with other people if you are ill
  15. Executory contracts (contracts where neither party has performed) may be avoided for misrepresentation. It is not appropriate to talk of recission because there are no benefits to be returned. ...
  16. medicine use before the second trimester if at all possible. The first trimester is the most high-risk period for taking medicine. This is when early cellular division, placenta growth, and organ development are taking place.
  17. Besides it's dictionary meaning, this word is also used in an admonitory tone, with people shouting it whenever they get irritated. eg. If someone is watching TV and someone else turns up the radio, then the standard reply is "Avoid, boss!!". ...
  18. The Course asks us to avoid miscreation, judgment, pain, vengeance and the guilt that causes our fear of God. However this does not mean that we should wrestle with ourselves over miscreations, magic, projections onto others and "sin." Nor should we strive to repress them. ...
  19. besides the dictionary meaning, its used when something is annoying and its meant to have a forgiving or an admonitory tone.
  20. M. Eng. avoiden, to make empty, put out of the way. To cause to be or become empty; to render useless or void; to make inoperative or of no effect; to nullify. As oppossed to: affirm, confirm.
  21. v. to stay away from
  22. procrastination - and understand failure...