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autographs, plural;
  1. Written in the author's own handwriting
    • - an autograph manuscript
  2. (of a painting or sculpture) Done by the artist, not by a copier

  1. (of a celebrity) Write one's signature on (something); sign
    • - the whole team autographed a shirt for him
    • - an autographed photo
  1. A signature, esp. that of a celebrity written as a memento for an admirer
    • - fans surged around the car asking for autographs
  2. A manuscript or musical score in the author's or musician's own handwriting

  3. A person's handwriting
    • - a songbook in Purcell's autograph

  1. something written by one's own hand
  2. mark with one's signature; "The author autographed his book"
  3. a person's own signature
  4. (autographed) bearing an autograph; "an autographed copy of his latest book"
  5. Autograph is the 14th album by American singer-songwriter John Denver released in February 1980.
  6. Autograph was an American hard rock band from Los Angeles, California. Active on RCA from 1984 to 1989, they sold 1.5 million records and were awarded gold with their "Sign In Please" album. A new version of the band (v2.02) was formed by their founder Steve Plunkett in 2002 for a single album. ...
  7. Autograph (2004) is a National awards winning Tamil feature film directed by Cheran.The film's soundtrack is composed by Bharathwaj. Cheran also plays the lead role in the film, and other cast members include Sneha, Gopika, Kanika and Mallika.
  8. Autograph (Автограф, or Avtograf) was a Soviet Russian art rock band, considered a pioneer of progressive rock music in Russia.
  9. A person’s own handwriting, especially the signature of a famous or admired person; A manuscript in the author’s handwriting; To sign, or write one’s name or signature on a book etc; To write something in one's own handwriting; Written in the author’s own handwriting
  10. (Autographed) VERY IMPORTANT! In the booksellers world, autographed means handwritten (as opposed to typed, or a copy from a printer or a press). It does not mean signed by the author, unless the description specifically indicated this. ...
  11. An autographed envelope bears one or more signatures of individuals who are usually associated with the stamp. The autograph relationships may be the stamp subject, the designer, the localpostmaster, dignitaries present at the dedication ceremony, etc. ...
  12. if you autographed something, you signed your name on it.
  13. the signature of an important or famous person. Often they  are accompanied by an endearment such as, "best wishes from ...". Unless it is also an association copy a plain autograph is more desirable than something like  " To Karen, best wishes from ...".
  14. The author's signature, typically found on the title page or flyleaf of a book.
  15. An original writing of a biblical document. The original manuscript written. The autographs would be the actual, original written document from which copies are made.
  16. Manuscript of a musical work in the composer’s own hand.
  17. An autograph is a manuscript written by the author of the text
  18. Derived from the Greek ("self-written"), refers to a document handwritten, or at least signed, by an author. There have been collections of the autographs of famous persons, and a corresponding trade in these documents, since the end of the 16th century.
  19. Stem. The original manuscript produced by an author and given out for copying.
  20. This is the technical name for the original manuscripts. We no longer have any.
  21. A person's signature. Autographs are a very significant part of the Baseball memorabilia market. Frequently autographed items include photos, cards, and equipment, baseballs, bats, uniforms, gloves, etc.
  22. The Autograph is our range of Freeform progressive lenses, available with standard or short corridor. The Autograph Attitude is suitable for wraps and sports frames and is also available with standard or short corridor.
  23. A text written by its original author in his own hand, as opposed to a copy, or transcription made later by someone else.
  24. A chart showing the sales of cars