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Of or relating to athletes or athletics,
  1. Of or relating to athletes or athletics
    • - athletic events
    • - an athletic club
  2. Physically strong, fit, and active
    • - big, muscular, athletic boys

  1. relating to or befitting athletics or athletes; "athletic facilities"
  2. acrobatic: vigorously active; "an acrobatic dance"; "an athletic child"; "athletic playing"; "gymnastic exercises"
  3. having a sturdy and well proportioned body; "an athletic build"
  4. (athleticism) intense energy; "his music is characterized by a happy athleticism"
  5. (athletics) sport: an active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition
  6. (athletics) participation in sports events as an extracurricular activity
  7. (Athletics (Elder Scrolls)) The Elder Scrolls (abbreviated as TES) is a role-playing video game series developed by Bethesda Softworks.
  8. (Athletics (sport)) Athletics is a collection of sporting events that involve competitive running, jumping, throwing, and walking. The most common types of athletics competitions are track and field, road running, cross country running, and race walking. ...
  9. (Athletics (team)) The Oakland Athletics are a Major League Baseball team based in Oakland, California. The Athletics are a member of the Western Division of Major League Baseball's American League. From to the present, the Athletics have played in the Oakland Coliseum.
  10. (Athlete (band)) Athlete are an Ivor Novello Award winning English indie rock band formed in Deptford, London, comprising Joel Pott (lead vocals and guitar), Carey Willetts (bass and backing vocals), Stephen Roberts (drums and backing vocals) and Tim Wanstall (keyboards and backing vocals). ...
  11. (Athlete (EP)) Athlete was the debut released by British rock band Athlete. It was released in the UK as an EP on March 4, 2002 (see 2002 in music). The EP features the original versions of "Westside" and "Dungeness", which were soon to appear on the band's debut album.
  12. (Athlete (film)) ATHLETE is a 2010 sports documentary film directeddirected by Dave Lam. The movie examines the popularity of endurance sports and profiles four everyday individuals - a cancer survivor, a blind senior citizen and twin sisters - who compete in marathons and triathlons and are ...
  13. having to do with athletes; physically active; having a muscular, well developed body, being in shape; An attribute of a motion or play which requires fine physical ability
  14. (Athleticism) The focus of all ATC training is the creation of athleticism through proper movement, bio-mechanics, and effective programming that achieves results. If we increase your Strength, Power, Endurance, Flexibility, Coordination, Stamina, and Speed, how can you not “look” fit?
  15. (Athletics) Men's varsity sports at Texas Tech are baseball, basketball, cross country, football, golf, tennis, and indoor and outdoor track & field. Women's varsity sports are basketball, cross country, golf, indoor and outdoor track & field, soccer, softball, tennis, and volleyball. ...
  16. (Athletics) 100 m, 800 m, 1500 m, 5000 m, 10 000 m, 4x100 relay, high jump, long jump, triple jump, discus, shotput, javelin, marathon and pentathlon comprise the athletic events. ...
  17. (Athletics) Colleges and universities belong to leagues that have their own rules, regulations, and eligibility requirements.
  18. (Athletics) In Britain, this refers specifically to “track and field” type events, like cross country running. In the US, it’s a much more general term that applies to sports in general, like “college athletics”.
  19. (Athletics) National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics
  20. (Athletics) Since 2000, Mercersburg has been a member of the Mid-Universal Preppy Leagues, which all suck, but includes Blair Witch Academy, The Silent Hill School, Attila the Hun School of Princeton, Lawrenceville Murder School and Peddie 'Why are most of the Other School Names so Easy to Pun? ...
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  22. (Athletics) UAAP · UST Growling Tigers · Rivalry with La Salle · 2006 men's basketball team · Salinggawi Dance Troupe · Yellow Jackets · Shakey's V-League  · Home and Away Invitational League · Tiger Pack
  23. (athletics) Though sometimes used in the same way as in the U.S., more typically athletics refers to the field of competition known as track and field in the U.S.
  24. (ATHLETE) A key identity & past time for Kevin. Photos and stories of speed, glory and disaster.
  25. (Athlete) (n) : one who is skilled in bodily exercises