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asylums, plural;
  1. The protection granted by a nation to someone who has left their native country as a political refugee
    • - granting asylum to foreigners persecuted for political reasons
  2. Shelter or protection from danger
    • - asylum for those too ill to care for themselves
  3. An institution offering shelter and support to people who are mentally ill
    • - he'd been committed to an asylum

  1. refuge: a shelter from danger or hardship
  2. mental hospital: a hospital for mentally incompetent or unbalanced person
  3. Asylum (also known as House of Crazies in subsequent US releases) is a 1972 British horror film made by Amicus Productions. The film was directed by Roy Ward Baker, produced by Milton Subotsky, and scripted by Robert Bloch (who adapted four of his own short stories for the screenplay).
  4. Asylum is an adventure game created by William F. Denman Jr. and released in 1981 by Med Systems (later known as Screenplay) of Chapel Hill, North Carolina for the TRS-80 computer. It combines a text adventure with simple line graphics to create a first-person perspective 3D game. ...
  5. Asylum is an overhead shoot 'em up arcade game released by Leland in 1991. Play as characters Rip, Rak or Rol and throw weapons at weird enemies in the asylum, collect power-ups, and defeat bosses to advance levels.
  6. Asylum is a 1997 horror thriller film directed by James Seale and starring Robert Patrick, Malcolm McDowell, Sarah Douglas, Debra Wilson, Henry Gibson, and Jason Schombing. It premiered on HBO on May 6, 1997.
  7. Asylum is a 2003 short documentary film directed by Sandy McLeod. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Short.
  8. Asylum is a 2005 drama film directed by David Mackenzie and made by Mace Neufeld Productions, Samson Films, Seven Arts Productions, Zephyr Films Ltd and released by Paramount Classics. ...
  9. Asylum is a horror film from 20th Century Fox released on DVD in 2008. David R. Ellis, of the sequel to Final Destination and the movie Snakes on a Plane, directed. Parts of the movie were filmed on the campus of Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC. The film stars Sarah Roemer.
  10. In ancient Greece the temples, altars, sacred groves, and statues of the gods generally possessed the privileges of protecting slaves, debtors, and criminals, who fled to them for refuge. ...
  11. A place of safety; The protection, physical and legal, afforded by such a place; A place of protection or restraint for one or more classes of the disadvantaged, especially the mentally ill
  12. (asylums) Refuges established in western Europe in the fifteenth century to confine and provide for the mentally ill; the forerunners of the mental hospital.
  13. a form of relief for which nationals of other countries can apply if they have suffered persecution in their home countries or if they have a well-founded fear of future persecution on account of certain protected characteristics. ...
  14. The status sought by a person physically present in the United States. The individual must have a well-founded fear of persecution on the basis of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion, if made to return to his or her country of nationality. ...
  15. Official permission to immigrate to a country based on protection from ideological, religious or political persecution. Such entrants are designated as political asylees.
  16. Protection or shelter given to political refugees by a foreign government.
  17. When you ‘seek asylum’, you look for protection in another country. Non-UK residents can apply for asylum as soon as they reach the UK, although they may need legal help to be recognised as a refugee.
  18. is a form of protection given by a State on its territory based on the principle of non-refoulement and internationally or nationally recognised refugee rights. ...
  19. is a form of protection that is granted to the aliens when this is necessary to provide them with the protection and when this is supported by the important interest of the Republic of Poland. ...
  20. The protection that countries grant to refugees.
  21. A form of protection that allows foreigners to remain in the United States provided that they meet the definition of a refugee.
  22. A place of refuge for persons who are refugees as defined by the Refugee Convention. People who are granted asylum in Norway are granted work and residence permits which form the basis for permanent settlement permits. (Source: Norwegian Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion)
  23. n. political protection given by a government to a person from another country
  24. the granting, by a State, of protection in its territory to a person/persons from another State who is/are fleeing persecution or serious danger. A person who is granted asylum is a refugee. ...
  25. A place of any refuge, often an institution for people with serious mental or emotional problems.