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arrows, plural;
  1. A shaft sharpened at the front and with feathers or vanes at the back, shot from a bow as a weapon or for sport
    • - his ability to launch an arrow accurately
  2. A mark or sign resembling an arrow, used to show direction or position; a pointer
    • - we drove in the main gate and followed a series of arrows
    • - you can use the up and down arrow keys

  1. a mark to indicate a direction or relation
  2. a projectile with a straight thin shaft and an arrowhead on one end and stabilizing vanes on the other; intended to be shot from a bow
  3. An arrow is a pointed projectile that is shot with a bow. It predates recorded history and is common to most cultures.
  4. ARROW is a national demonstrator project funded by the Australian Commonwealth Department of Education, Science and Training, under the Research Information Infrastructure Framework for Australian Higher Education for the support of digital repositories of Australian content.
  5. The Arrow was a cyclecar marketed as a light car manufactured in M.C. Whitmore Co, Dayton, Ohio, in 1914. The Arrow had a four-cylinder,1 ½ liter water-cooled engine, and sold for $395.
  6. Arrow is a male vocalist from Monserrat who had two UK chart singles during the 1980s. "Hot Hot Hot" was released on the Cooltempo label, and entered the charts on 28 July 1984. It reached a high of number 59, and remained in the chart for five weeks. ...
  7. Parma was a four-masted steel-hulled barque which was built in 1902 as Arrow for the Anglo-American Oil Co Ltd, London. In 1912 she was sold to F. Laeisz, Hamburg, Germany. During the First World War she was interned in Chile, and postwar was assigned to the United Kingdom as war reparations. ...
  8. In mathematics, a morphism is an abstraction derived from structure-preserving mappings between two mathematical structures.
  9. A projectile consisting of a shaft, a point and a tail with stabilizing fins that is shot from a bow; A sign or symbol used to indicate a direction (eg. ); A directed edge; To move swiftly and directly (like an arrow); Contraction of ever a, e'er a
  10. (Arrows) showing what's called "flow of control" in computer science. An arrow coming from one symbol and ending at another symbol represents that control passes to the symbol the arrow points to.
  11. (Arrows) Design element usually found in the left (viewer’s right) claw of the eagle seen on many US coins. After 1807, there usually were three arrows while prior to that time the bundle consisted of numerous ones.
  12. (ARROWS) Another term for darts.
  13. (Arrows) The triangles embedded on the lane used in aiming the throw.
  14. (arrows) left arrow, right arrow, up arrow, down arrow
  15. (ARROWS) Sighting targets imbedded in the lane to help player align start position.
  16. (Arrows) Aiming points embedded in the lane. These seven arrows (usually red or black, but may be other colors) are used for targeting. (darts)
  17. (Arrows) At first made of reeds, and then of wood tipped with iron. Arrows are sometimes figuratively put for lightning (Deut. 32:23, 42; Ps. 7:13; 18:14; 144:6; Zech. 9:14). They were used in war as well as in the chase (Gen. 27:3; 49:23). They were also used in divination (Ezek. 21:21).
  18. (Arrows) Design motif appearing in the eagle's claw typically on U.S. coins. As of 1807, most often just 3 arrows appear.
  19. (Arrows) Targets on the lane 15 feet ahead of the foul line which aid the player in lining up their roll. There are usually seven arrows spaced evenly across the lane, five boards apart.
  20. (Arrows) The biggest news at the beginning of the 1997 season was Damon Hill, 1996 champion, being dropped by Williams in preference to Heinz-Harald Frentzen, Hill was partnered with Brazilian Pedro Diniz, whose sponsorship money helped pay the World Champion's wages.
  21. (Arrows) Use to navigate menus.
  22. (Arrows) must weigh no less than 5 grains/# of peak bow weight - example: 50# bow X 5 grains = 250 grain minimum arrow weight.
  23. (arrows) Seven aiming points marked in the lane to allow the bowler to determine the correct release point.
  24. (arrows) n. 1. Darts, as in, ``How about a game of arrows?''
  25. (arrows) the game darts - pron. "arras".