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arranged, past tense; arranged, past participle; arranges, 3rd person singular present; arranging, present participle;
  1. Put (things) in a neat, attractive, or required order
    • - she had just finished arranging the flowers
    • - the columns are arranged in 12 rows
  2. Organize or make plans for (a future event)
    • - they hoped to arrange a meeting
    • - we've arranged the funeral for Saturday
    • - my aunt arranged for the furniture to be stored
  3. Reach agreement about an action or event in advance
    • - I arranged with my boss to have the time off
    • - they arranged to meet at eleven o'clock
  4. Ensure that (something) is done or provided by organizing it in advance
    • - accommodations can be arranged if required
  5. Adapt (a composition) for performance with instruments or voices other than those originally specified
    • - songs arranged for viola and piano
  6. Settle (a dispute or claim)
    • - the quarrel, partly by the interference of the Crown Prince, was arranged

  1. put into a proper or systematic order; "arrange the books on the shelves in chronological order"
  2. make arrangements for; "Can you arrange a meeting with the President?"
  3. stage: plan, organize, and carry out (an event); "the neighboring tribe staged an invasion"
  4. format: set (printed matter) into a specific format; "Format this letter so it can be printed out"
  5. dress: arrange attractively; "dress my hair for the wedding"
  6. adapt for performance in a different way; "set this poem to music"
  7. arrange thoughts, ideas, temporal events; "arrange my schedule"; "set up one's life"; "I put these memories with those of bygone times"
  8. (arranged) disposed or placed in a particular kind of order; "the carefully arranged chessmen"; "haphazardly arranged interlobular septa"; "comfortable chairs arranged around the fireplace"
  9. deliberately arranged for effect; "one of those artfully staged photographs"
  10. (arranging) arrangement: the act of arranging and adapting a piece of music
  11. The American Federation of Musicians defines arranging as "the art of preparing and adapting an already written composition for presentation in other than its original form. ...
  12. (Arranged (film)) Arranged (2007) is an independent feature film produced by Cicala Filmworks. The film was written by Stefan Schaefer and is based in part on the story of Yuta Silverman, an Orthodox Jewish woman from Borough Park, Brooklyn and her friendship with a young Muslim woman. ...
  13. (Arranging) Resetting music for other instruments or voices or for another style of performance than that for which it was originally written.
  14. (The arranging) of a new mortgage for your property without moving. The reasons for remortgaging are usually to get a better mortgage rate or to release equity for improvements.
  15. endebyrdan; gefadian; ge-logian
  16. means that all needed items are given a “permanent home†in your environment with strategic consideration of interior design, ergonomics, and frequency of use.
  17. This tool allows you to change your diagram style.
  18. (verb) to make plans for something such as a meeting, party, or trip
  19. to put in a special way or order
  20. (v) salırģa, tillеşirgе
  21. to plan and prepare for