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approaching, present participle; approaches, 3rd person singular present; approached, past tense; approached, past participle;
  1. Come near or nearer to (someone or something) in distance
    • - the train approached the main line
    • - she hadn't heard him approach
    • - an approaching car
  2. Come near or nearer to (a future time or event)
    • - he was approaching retirement
  3. (of a future time) Come nearer
    • - the time is approaching when you will be destroyed
  4. Come close to (a number, level, or standard) in quality or quantity
    • - the population will approach 12 million by the end of the decade
  5. (of an aircraft) Descend toward and prepare to land on (an airfield, runway, etc.)
    • - the single-seater plane hit a post as it was approaching the runway
  6. Bring nearer
    • - all those changes shall serve to approach him the faster to the blest mansion
  7. Speak to (someone) for the first time about something, typically with a proposal or request
    • - the department had been approached about funding
  8. Start to deal with (something) in a certain way
    • - one must approach the matter with caution
  1. A way of dealing with something
    • - we need a whole new approach to the job
  2. An act of speaking to someone for the first time about something, typically a proposal or request
    • - the landowner made an approach to the developer
  3. Behavior intended to propose personal or sexual relations with someone
    • - feminine resistance to his approaches
  4. The action of coming near or nearer to someone or something in distance or time
    • - the approach of winter
  5. An approximation to something
    • - the past is impossible to recall with any approach to accuracy
  6. The part of an aircraft's flight in which it descends gradually toward an airfield or runway for landing

  7. A road, sea passage, or other way leading to a place
    • - the eastern approach to the town

  1. ideas or actions intended to deal with a problem or situation; "his approach to every problem is to draw up a list of pros and cons"; "an attack on inflation"; "his plan of attack was misguided"
  2. move towards; "We were approaching our destination"; "They are drawing near"; "The enemy army came nearer and nearer"
  3. border on: come near or verge on, resemble, come nearer in quality, or character; "This borders on discrimination!"; "His playing approaches that of Horowitz"
  4. the act of drawing spatially closer to something; "the hunter's approach scattered the geese"
  5. access: a way of entering or leaving; "he took a wrong turn on the access to the bridge"
  6. set about: begin to deal with; "approach a task"; "go about a difficult problem"; "approach a new project"
  7. In the sport of cricket, the approach is the motion of the bowler prior to bowling the ball. It is also known as the run-up.
  8. Approach is the Finnish rock band Von Hertzen Brothers's second full length album. The album was released on May 17, 2006 in Finland and went gold. The first single released from the album was "Let Thy Will Be Done" and the second was "Kiss a Wish".
  9. The Approach is the debut album of the Illinois-based industrial band, .
  10. The act of drawing near; a coming or advancing near; An access, or opportunity of drawing near; Movements to gain favor; advances; A way, passage, or avenue by which a place or buildings can be approached; an access. ...
  11. (Approaches) Behavioral geography · Cultural Theory · Feminist geography · Marxism · Modernism (Structuralism · Semiotics) · Postmodernism (Post-structuralism · Deconstruction)
  12. (2 approaches) to Transcendentalism:
  13. (Approaches) Lists a few approaches applied to various healthcare systems that use medicinal plants or plant-derived preparations.
  14. (Approaches) Trenches built by attackers leading towards the place under attack.
  15. (Approaches) When used as a noun, the regions through which an attacker draws close or can draw close to an enemy position.
  16. (Approaches) was seen in a more dynamic way. It involved things moving toward other things, sometimes with the idea that the object being approached would eventually be reached ("The train approached the station. ...
  17. (approaches) In the discussion of the skills-learning process, the personal or subjective factors underlying the choice of a methodfor resolving a task. The inner-world component of skills, as opposed to the outer-world components made up by the objective mechanics of the skill. ...
  18. “Approaches the Standard” denotes partial understanding of the skills and knowledge necessary for proficient work at grade level.
  19. The area between the sidewalk and the street that leads to a driveway or the transition from the street as you approach a driveway.
  20. The path or route to the start of a technical climb. Although this is generally a walk or, at most, a scramble it is occasionally as hazardous as the climb itself.
  21. (also runway). The space extending back from the foul line used to make the steps and delivery.
  22. The area along a street or sidewalk from where a sign first becomes visible until the display is no long readable as the viewer passes by.
  23. A particular way of putting a method or task to use, including risk factors, tips from experience, recommendations, and additional advice.
  24. The route undertaken to reach the technical portions of a climb.
  25. Shot A shot which, if it had not caught the lip of the bunker and dropped back into the sand, would have rolled across the green and gone into the water. See CHIP SHOT and PITCH.