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appreciates, 3rd person singular present; appreciating, present participle; appreciated, past tense; appreciated, past participle;
  1. Recognize the full worth of
    • - she feels that he does not appreciate her
  2. Be grateful for (something)
    • - I'd appreciate any information you could give me
  3. Understand (a situation) fully; recognize the full implications of
    • - they failed to appreciate the pressure he was under
    • - I appreciate that you cannot be held totally responsible
  4. Rise in value or price
    • - they expected the house to appreciate in value

  1. recognize with gratitude; be grateful for
  2. be fully aware of; realize fully; "Do you appreciate the full meaning of this letter?"
  3. prize: hold dear; "I prize these old photographs"
  4. gain in value; "The yen appreciated again!"
  5. increase the value of; "The Germans want to appreciate the Deutsche Mark"
  6. (appreciated) fully understood or grasped; "dangers not yet appreciated"; "these apprehended truths"; "a thing comprehended is a thing known as fully as it can be known"
  7. In accounting, appreciation of an asset is an increase in its value. In this sense it is the reverse of depreciation, which measures the fall in value of assets over their normal life-time. Generally, the term is reserved for property or, more specifically, land and buildings.
  8. to be grateful or thankful for; to view as valuable; to be fully conscious of; be aware of; detect; to increase in value
  9. Make a judgement about the value of
  10. to grow in value. Usually a term used in relation to investments: stocks, collectibles, etc., which are now worth more than you paid for them.
  11. v.  understand and enjoy (sth); value highly
  12. verb. To understand the worth, good quality, or significance of something.
  13. think highly of; value; enjoy
  14. to increase in value.
  15. To estimate justly; to set a price or value on. May be synonymous with "know" or "understand" or "realize."