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applicants, plural;
  1. A person who makes a formal application for something, typically a job

  1. a person who requests or seeks something such as assistance or employment or admission
  2. Applicant is a dramatic sketch written by Harold Pinter. Originally written in 1959 and first published by Eyre Methuen in 1961, it was first broadcast on BBC Radio on the Third Programme "between February and March 1964," along with Pinter's other revue sketches, That's Your Trouble, That's All ...
  3. One who applies for something; one who makes request; a petitioner; The third coordinate (or z-coodinate) in a three dimensional coordinate system
  4. (applicants) Parties that have made application to the Agency pursuant to the CTA.
  5. Applicants are either a student, a cosigner, or both together, who are applying for a private student loan.
  6. The person or firm requesting insurance.
  7. A person applying for credit privileges, employment or some other benefit.
  8. A person who signs and submits a written application for insurance coverage.
  9. A foreign citizen who is applying for a nonimmigrant or immigrant U.S. visa. The visa applicant may also be referred as a beneficiary for petition based visas
  10. A person who has submitted a formal request for VA health care benefits and/or for enrollment in the VA health care system.
  11. is a person, group or organisation who applied for a resource consent.
  12. An individual who has fulfilled the institution's requirements to be considered for admission (including payment or waiving of the application fee, if any) and who has been notified of one of the following actions: admission, nonadmission, placement on waiting list, or application withdrawn (by ...
  13. A corporation applying for the right to establish, operate and maintain a foreign-trade zone.
  14. Any party, usually the importer, who applies for a documentary credit.
  15. The term used by an estate agent to refer to you when you are a potential buyer of a property.
  16. The person applying for the ....
  17. The party applying for an insurance policy.
  18. An entity that has applied to ICANN for a new gTLD by submitting its application form through the online application system.
  19. One who applies for a real estate loan (the prospective borrower/mortgagor).
  20. Any entity that files an application or unsolicited proposal for EPA Financial assistance under 40 Chapter I Environmental Protection Agency, Subchapter A General. (40 CFR Part 30)
  21. A person who makes a formal request for access under the provisions of the Access to Information and Privacy Acts.
  22. the organization under whose Federal Employee Identification Number or Social Security Number an application is submitted. The applicant assumes financial responsibility for administering a funded grant even if funds are passed on to another organization or individual.
  23. For the purpose of J-1 visa sponsorship, an applicant is a foreign national physician who has been issued a U.S. GME contract and for whom a sponsorship application has been submitted through ECFMG. ...
  24. An eligible Appointee designated by one of the ten University campuses, Office of the President or, three major University laboratories as eligible to apply for a loan under the UC Home Loan Program.
  25. A person who has applied to become a key holder, prior to the time at which keys and certificates are issued to and accepted by them. [800-103] An entity (organisation, individual etc.) which requests the assignment of a register entry and entry label. ...