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appearances, plural;
  1. The way that someone or something looks
    • - I like the appearance of stripped antique pine
    • - they are similar in appearance
  2. An impression given by someone or something, although this may be misleading
    • - she read it with every appearance of interest
  3. An act of performing or participating in a public event
    • - he is well-known for his television appearances
  4. An act of becoming visible or noticeable; an arrival
    • - the sudden appearance of her daughter startled her
  5. A process of coming into existence or use
    • - the appearance of the railroad

  1. outward or visible aspect of a person or thing
  2. the event of coming into sight
  3. formal attendance (in court or at a hearing) of a party in an action
  4. a mental representation; "I tried to describe his appearance to the police"
  5. the act of appearing in public view; "the rookie made a brief appearance in the first period"; "it was Bernhardt's last appearance in America"
  6. pretending that something is the case in order to make a good impression; "they try to keep up appearances"; "that ceremony is just for show"
  7. (Appearances (film)) Appearances is a 1921 short drama film directed by Donald Crisp. Alfred Hitchcock is credited as a title designer. The film is now lost.
  8. The act of appearing or coming into sight; the act of becoming visible to the eye; A thing seen; a phenomenon; an apparition; Personal presence; look; aspect; mien; apparent likeness; external show; how something appears to others; The act of appearing in a particular place, or in society, a ...
  9. (Appearances) Appears in every episode.
  10. (Appearances) {url:/ajax_concepts/44777/?conceptid=255412001&callback=children&child_size=74}
  11. (The Appearances) While the above testimonies about the empty tomb seem to have little to do with the faith of these early Christians, the appearances of Jesus are clearly at the heart of early Christian belief. ...
  12. (appearances) T. nang wa. Literally, lighting up Phenomena. Every thing we perceive in the world, beings, situations - are projections of the mind and in essence no other than the expanse of pure awareness. ...
  13. (appearances) The world we live in and see with the eyes of the ego (an alien will) is not real. It is an illusion and does not exist. It is a world of appearances, of changing forms, born of error and it will disappear once we all rediscover Truth. ...
  14. (appearances) snang ba. The things that appear to us, that we perceive.
  15. Presence of a party litigant before the court.
  16. an object of experience, when viewed from the transcendental perspective. Though often used as a synonym for phenomenon, it technically refers to an object considered to be conditioned by space and time, but not by the categories. (Cf. thing in itself.)
  17. A description of a substance at normal room temperature and normal atmospheric conditions. Appearance includes the color, size, and consistency of a material.
  18. The formal act whereby the defender in an action intimates his intention to defend.
  19. The form or body through which a Soul incarnates in the three lower worlds (physical, emotional or mental).
  20. The act of showing up in court as either plaintiff, defendant, accused or any other party to a civil or criminal suit. It implies that you accept the power of the court to try the matter (i.e. "jurisdiction"). ...
  21. The act of coming into court as a party to a suit either in person or through an attorney.
  22. appearance is all that really matters. Bernarda is obsessed with how her family appears to the outside world. She is not actually concerned with their actions. Appearance is also related to beauty which is a theme that comes up throughout the work. ...
  23. Going to court. Or a legal paper that says you will participate in the court process.
  24. Refers to a wine's clarity, not color.
  25. A formal submission to the courts by the defendant (respondent) in response to a complaint or summons.