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antipathies, plural;
  1. A deep-seated feeling of dislike; aversion
    • - his fundamental antipathy to capitalism
    • - a thinly disguised mutual antipathy

  1. a feeling of intense dislike
  2. Antipathy is dislike for something or somebody, the opposite of sympathy. While antipathy may be induced by previous experience, it sometimes exists without a rational cause-and-effect explanation being present to the individuals involved.
  3. Contrariety or opposition in feeling; settled aversion or dislike; repugnance; distaste; Natural contrariety; incompatibility; repugnancy of qualities; as, oil and water have antipathy
  4. (antipathic) characterized by antipathy
  5. (antipathies) antiquities, asymmetries, conspiracies, contingencies, delinquencies, deliveries, dictionaries, difficulties, difficulties, dignitaries, exigencies, facsimiles, indignities, intricacies, malignancies, miniseries, miniseries, missionaries, rigidities, signatories, tributaries, ...
  6. A favorite creation of Ethan Van Sciver, she is shown fighting Lantern Soranik during the epic battle between the Corps. She is distinguished as being one of the few Red Lanterns to create constructs using her ring, as she is depicted wielding scissor-like blades made of red light.^[2]^[26]
  7. (n.) a strong dislike, repugnance (I know you love me, but because you are a liar and a thief, I feel nothing but antipathy for you.)
  8. (n) - hostility, hatred; repugnance, abhorrence, disgust
  9. antiscia From the Greek, literally shadows on the other side, opposite shadows; mirror or reflection points. A degree and its antiscion are equidistant from a particular reference point such as the MC-IC or summer-winter solstice axis. The use of antiscia is common to Uranian Astrology. ...
  10. Object or location affected by spell repels certain creatures.
  11. an·tip·a·thy (ŕn-tîpąe-thę) noun plural an·tip·a·thies 1. A strong feeling of aversion or repugnance. 2. An object of aversion. [Latin antipathěa, from Greek antipatheia, from antipathęs, of opposite feelings : anti-, anti- + pathos, feeling.]
  12. Disharmony of planet bodies which rule and are exalted in opposite signs.
  13. An innate and mutual dislike between two people, resulting from the clash of their astrological signs.  Antipathy stems from the disharmony between the planets ruling or exalted in their signs.
  14. Inharmonious relations between planets, which rule or are exalted in opposite signs. Also, conflict between the natal horoscope of two people corresponding with the aversion they feel for each other.
  15. A strong feeling of opposition
  16. n 1. Enmity dushmani.f ;adavat. F; vair. F; 2. Detestation. Karahat. F; ghin. ;f