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announcers, plural;
  1. A person who announces something, in particular someone who introduces or gives information about programs on radio or television

  1. someone who proclaims a message publicly
  2. reads news, commercials on radio or television
  3. An announcer is a voice actor who works in television, radio or film, usually providing narrations, news updates, station identification, or an introduction of a product in television commercials or a guest on a talk show.
  4. A radio personality (also known as a radio host or a radio presenter) is a person with an on-air position in radio broadcasting. ...
  5. (Announcers) (CBC) Steve Armitage, Chris Cuthbert, Darren Flutie, Greg Frers, Mark Lee, Chris Walby, Brian Williams, Sean Millington
  6. Two announcers (each carrying their own decade reference) who follow and narrate the lives of people, mostly villains. The modern one being a spotted boar and the 50s one being a humanoid, purple creature.
  7. Announcer is an easy way for you to keep your customers or friends up-to-date with what's new and exciting on your website.
  8. The person who announces meet information over the public address system at a meet (usually, a parent volunteer)
  9. A person at a tournament or other event who commentates on the happenings of the event. Most are WFJF members and former finger jousters. No more than two or three are usually present.
  10. The person who introduces the acts and numbers to the audience during a circus performance. On modern circuses this man was not a "ring master". The announcer on the really big shows of "the Golden Age of the Circus" was just that and nothing else. ...
  11. This is the person selling the product (could be the voice of the entire spot or just a few sentences with other people).
  12. The auction employee on stage who reads the vehicle’s description
  13. an entity seeking to use the platform to promote a product or service through the network.
  14. A PBR announcer interprets the action in the arena to the fans attending the live event. Knowing updated stats on the bulls, bull riders and stock contractors is crucial to a PBR announcer's job. Some PBR events employ just one announcer, while others may employ up to three.
  15. An on-air talent personality who is the person with the job to read scripts or announcements on radio or television. (Sick jockey, news anchor, sports announcer, etc.)
  16. Person who calls the position of horses as they race, sometimes referred to as caller.
  17. This is the person who announces the competitors and after the routine is finished, announces the judge's scores.
  18. Weighing in tonight at two hundred and sixty pounds, "Steele City's" number one "TWISTED" son ...this... MAXX!
  19. A person employed by a television or radio station to introduce programs, and to deliver information, announcements, commercials, etc.
  20. The adult person with the microphone off to the side somewhere who talks a lot.