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announcing, present participle; announced, past participle; announced, past tense; announces, 3rd person singular present;
  1. Make a public and typically formal declaration about a fact, occurrence, or intention
    • - the president's office announced that the state of siege would be lifted
    • - he announced his retirement from football
    • - “I have a confession to make,” she announced
  2. Make known
    • - we announce our failures by warring against ourselves and others
    • - these glossy and expensive volumes announce anxiety
  3. Give information about (transportation) in a station or airport via a public address system
    • - they were announcing her train
  4. (of a notice, letter, sound, etc.) Give information to (someone) via the senses of sight or hearing
    • - storms came announced by long wisps that lashed out from a snow cloud's body
    • - she heard the traditional strains of music announcing her arrival in the church
  5. Make known the arrival or imminence of (a guest or a meal) at a formal social occasion
    • - dinner was announced

  1. make known; make an announcement; "She denoted her feelings clearly"
  2. announce publicly or officially; "The President declared war"
  3. give the names of; "He announced the winners of the spelling bee"
  4. foreshadow or presage
  5. (announced) declared publicly; made widely known; "their announced intentions"; "the newspaper's proclaimed adherence to the government's policy"
  6. (announcement) a formal public statement; "the government made an announcement about changes in the drug war"; "a declaration of independence"
  7. An announcement (ANN) is a Usenet, mailing list or e-mail message sent to notify subscribers that a software project has made a new release version. Newsgroup announcement recipients often have a name like "comp.somegroup.announce". ...
  8. (Announcement (song)) "Announcement" is the second single released by Common from his 2008 album Universal Mind Control. The single was produced by The Neptunes and features Pharrell. The song was released as a 3-track digital EP. It samples "Dreams" by The Notorious B.I.G.
  9. To give public notice, or first notice of; to make known; to publish; to proclaim; To pronounce; to declare by judicial sentence
  10. (Announced) JobSeekers that are ready to work in 30 days.
  11. (Announced) Issuer has publicly and specifically disclosed the existence of ongoing private placement negotiations or efforts.
  12. (Announced) the company or lead bank(s) announce publicly that is looking to raise money through a bank loan or the story is confirmed
  13. (Announcement) refers to a verbal message recoded and played to the callers.
  14. (ANNOUNCEMENT) An advertising message that is broadcast between programm (see Station break, Participation, Billboard), or an advertisement within a syndicated program or feature film; any broadcast commercial regardless of time length, within or between programs, that presents an advertiser´s ...
  15. (ANNOUNCEMENT) Written or verbal notice.
  16. (Announcement (AD)) Every day when our answering service and call center reps boot up their... (definition)
  17. (Announcement(s)) With respect to answering machines, this is what the machine plays to incoming callers. Also known as the "greeting." Some machines may allow the user to concurrently record several versions of their announcement and to select which one is currently played for callers.
  18. (Announcement) A document that announces a special occasion has occurred or will occur. Contains a date and description. For wedding, it is said, you should not announce the time your wedding occurred.
  19. (Announcement) A motion presented in verbal form, in which an issue and the suggestion for its resolution are announced to the assembly during a formal karma or meeting.
  20. (Announcement) A topic that can appear above multiple forums (and above sticky topics). No replies can be made in them. They can only be made by Staff members.
  21. (Announcement) An APRS message that is repeated a few times an hour, perhaps for several days.
  22. (Announcement) Commercial (spot) or public service message of varying length.
  23. (Announcement) Dear users: Thank you for purchasing and using our products. For the sake of your safety and interests, before using the products, please carefully read the product specifications as well as all the materials attached to the PC. ...
  24. (Announcement) Press Release, editorial article or an advertisement of high news value.
  25. (Announcement) Statements made by the auctioneer regarding the terms and conditions of the sale. Items typically discussed include whether bidding is reserved, method of acceptable payments, expected duration of sale, and other pertinent information.