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A supply or quantity of bullets and shells,
  1. A supply or quantity of bullets and shells

  2. Considerations that can be used to support one's case in debate
    • - these figures provide ammunition to the argument for more resources

  1. projectiles to be fired from a gun
  2. any nuclear or chemical or biological material that can be used as a weapon of mass destruction
  3. information that can be used to attack or defend a claim or argument or viewpoint; "his admission provided ammunition for his critics"
  4. Ammunition, often informally referred to as ammo, is a generic term derived from the French language la munition which embraced all material used for war (from the Latin munire, to provide), but which in time came to refer specifically to gunpowder and artillery. ...
  5. Articles used in charging firearms and ordnance of all kinds; as powder, balls, shot, shells, percussion caps, rockets, etc; Any stock of missiles, literal or figurative
  6. The bullets the competitors use in their guns. Competitors must carry all of their ammunition with them from the start of the race.
  7. This generally refers to the assembled components of complete cartridges or rounds i.e., a case or shell holding a primer, a charge of propellant (gunpowder) and a projectile (bullets in the case of handguns and rifles, multiple pellets or single slugs in shotguns). ...
  8. Checkers in position to carry out an attack, in particular, checkers in the zone.
  9. often referred to as ammo, is a generic term meaning the assembled set of components that makes up whatever is to be fired from a firearm. ...
  10. Supply of weaponry i.e. munitions, bullets, shells.
  11. Shells; cartridges (fully loaded rounds, ready to fire).
  12. (etymology) – 1. the material to charge firearms, cannon, etc.: shot, shell, powder 2. points used as to support in argument
  13. Generic term related mainly to articles of military application consisting of all types of bombs, grenades, rockets, mines, projectiles and other similar devices or contrivances.
  14. To dream of ammunition, foretells the undertaking of some work, which promises fruitful completion. To dream your ammunition is exhausted, denotes fruitless struggles and endeavors.
  15. (“Ammo”) is a generic term meaning (the assembly of) a projectile and its propellant. It is derived through French from the Latin munire (to provide).
  16. an information which strengthen your opinion
  17. Complete firearms cartridges consisting of powder, primer, and projectiles assembled within cases or shotshells.
  18. Chips. "Chip runner, I need more ammunition!" is a request for more chips.
  19. The name given to the 'fuel' used by all types of gun. It must be realised that 'bullet', 'round', 'cartridge', 'nature', 'pellet' and 'projectile' are all parts of the make-up of ammunition. See the individual entries below for more information.
  20. bullets or shells used in firearms
  21. The assembled package of the casing, the bullet, the propellent (typically gunpowder), and the primer.
  22. bullets fired by guns.
  23. The CQBR is designed to use standard 5.56x45mm NATO 62-grain M855 FMJ and M856 Tracer ammunition. However, due to the short barrel, the heavier 77-grain Mk 262 cartridge is preferred. There are no plans to rechamber the weapon in any additional calibers.