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(of two or more subjects) Similar to each other,
  1. (of two or more subjects) Similar to each other
    • - the brothers were very much alike
    • - the houses all looked alike
  1. In the same or a similar way
    • - the girls dressed alike in black pants and jackets
  2. Used to show that something applies equally to a number of specified subjects
    • - he talked in a friendly manner to staff and patients alike

  1. alike(p): having the same or similar characteristics; "all politicians are alike"; "they looked utterly alike"; "friends are generally alike in background and taste"
  2. equally; "parents and teachers alike demanded reforms"
  3. in a like manner; "they walk alike"
  4. Alike or Aalike (Kannada/Tulu - ಅಳಿಕೆ)is village in Bantwal taluk of Dakshina Kannada district.The village is famous for the Satya Sai educational institute.. . There is a public health centre (PHC) run by the government of Karnataka. Tulu, Kannada and Konkani are spoken here.
  5. (Alikes) Alykes (Greek, Modern: Αλυκές) is a municipality on the island of Zakynthos, Greece. It has a land area of 42.881 km² and a population of 4,796 (2001 census). The seat of the municipality is in Katastari (pop. 1,287). ...
  6. Having resemblance or similitude; similar; without difference; In the same manner, form, or degree; in common; equally
  7. (A-Alikes) (1) a twin or someone with a physical resemblence. (2) a relative. Primarily used in New York City.
  8. Vinoth Chandar on Flickr
  9. Similar; in the same way.