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Having lived for a specified length of time; of a specified age,
  1. Having lived for a specified length of time; of a specified age
    • - young people aged 14 to 18
    • - he died aged 60
  2. (of a horse or farm animal) Over a certain defined age of maturity, typically 6 to 12 years for horses, 3 or 4 years for cattle

  3. Having lived or existed for a long time; old
    • - aged men with white hair
    • - Methodist homes for the aged
  4. That has been subjected to aging
    • - jeans in hardrock wash give a unique aged appearance

  1. advanced in years; (`aged' is pronounced as two syllables); "aged members of the society"; "elderly residents could remember the construction of the first skyscraper"; "senior citizen"
  2. people who are old collectively; "special arrangements were available for the aged"
  3. at an advanced stage of erosion (pronounced as one syllable); "aged rocks"
  4. of wines, fruit, cheeses; having reached a desired or final condition; (`aged' pronounced as one syllable); "mature well-aged cheeses"
  5. (agedness) the property characteristic of old age
  6. (age) begin to seem older; get older; "The death of his wife caused him to age fast"
  7. The aging of wine, and its ability to potentially improve in quality, distinguishes wine from most other consumable goods. ...
  8. Ageing (British and Australian English) or aging (American and Canadian English) is the accumulation of changes in an organism or object over time. Ageing in humans refers to a multidimensional process of physical, psychological, and social change. ...
  9. âge is a division of ACID co., ltd., a Japanese publisher of adult video games and visual novels. They gained fame following the release of their 2001 adult visual novel Kimi ga Nozomu Eien.
  10. (Age (genus)) Age is a genus of moths belonging to the subfamily Olethreutinae of the family Tortricidae.
  11. (Age (geology)) In chronostratigraphy, a stage is a succession of rock strata laid down in a single age on the geologic timescale, which usually represents millions of years of deposition. ...
  12. (Age (journal)) Age is an international peer-reviewed monthly scientific journal published by Springer. The editor-in-Chief is Donald K. Ingram. Age publishes research in which the primary emphasis addresses the biology of aging and research on biomedical applications that impact aging. ...
  13. Alternative spelling of aged
  14. Old; Undergone the effects of time, improving as a result; Having the age of
  15. (agedly) In an aged manner
  16. (Age) Formal use of the word age, indicating the name of a specific era
  17. (age) The whole duration of a being, whether animal, vegetable, or other kind; lifetime; That part of the duration of a being or a thing which is between its beginning and any given time; The latter part of life; an advanced period of life, eld; seniority; state of being old; One of the stages ...
  18. (aging) The process of becoming older or more mature; Allowing something to become older; The deliberate act of making something (such as an antique) appear older than it is; Becoming senescent; accumulating damage to macromolecules, cells, tissues and organs with the passage of time; ...
  19. (Age) Most insurance companies calculate age by using the age you are nearest to. Example: Insured is 45 and it is January, and the insured's birthday is in March. If the insurance company was calculating age nearest, the insured would be considered age 46 for the purpose of calculating rates. ...
  20. Mean age of the trees comprising a forest, crop, or stand. In forests, the mean age of dominant (and sometimes codominant) trees is taken. The plantation age is generally taken from the year the plantation was begun, without adding the age of the nursery stock. ...
  21. (Age) The number of years of life completed, here indicated by an arabic numeral, followed by a plus sign if there is any possibility of ambiguity (age 5, age 5+)1.
  22. Age data are reported for five-year age groups and select summary groups such as 18 years and over. These data are Esri's 2010 projections.
  23. (AGE) Advanced Glycation Endproducts
  24. (Age) used to denote the period of a man's life (Gen. 47:28), the maturity of life (John 9:21), the latter end of life (Job 11:17), a generation of the human race (Job 8:8), and an indefinite period (Eph. 2:7; 3:5, 21; Col. 1:26). Respect to be shown to the aged (Lev. 19:32). ...
  25. (Age) Every horse shares a "birthday" of January first. A horse becomes one year old on the first of January after he or she is born, and turns two, one year later - regardless of the actual date of his or her birth.