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In opposition to,
  1. In opposition to
    • - the fight against crime
    • - he decided against immediate publication
    • - swimming against the tide
  2. In opposition to, with reference to legal action
    • - allegations against police officers
    • - the first victim gave evidence against him
  3. In opposition to, with reference to an athletic contest
    • - the championship game against Virginia
  4. (in betting) In anticipation of the failure of
    • - the odds were 5–1 against Pittsburgh
  5. In anticipation of and preparation for (a problem or difficulty)
    • - insurance against sickness and unemployment
  6. In resistance to; as protection from
    • - he turned up his collar against the wind
  7. In relation to (an amount of money owed or due) so as to reduce or cancel it
    • - money was advanced against the value of the property
  8. In conceptual contrast to
    • - the benefits must be weighed against the costs
    • - the instilling of habits as against the development of understanding
  9. In visual contrast to
    • - he was silhouetted against the light of the window
  10. In or into physical contact with (something), typically so as to be supported by or collide with it
    • - she stood with her back against the door
    • - his lips brushed against her hair

  1. Against is the seventh studio album by Brazilian heavy metal band Sepultura, released in 1998 through Roadrunner Records. It is the band's first release with new frontman Derrick Green, who replaced group founder Max Cavalera in 1997.
  2. Against is an Australian hardcore punk band from Brisbane, Australia. Vocalist Greg first formed the group in September 2001, with the intention of having fun with some friends and playing hardcore music with heart and a message.
  3. "Against" is Sepultura's eleventh official single, and the second of three to be taken from the album Against, released in 1998. At 1 minute and 54 seconds, it is Sepultura's shortest single. No video was created for the song. ...
  4. By the time that (something happened); before; In a contrary direction to; Close to; In front of; before a background; In physical contact with; In physical opposition to, or in collision with; In contrast and/or comparison with; In competition with; In opposition to; In exchange for; As ...
  5. (againstness) The state or quality of being against
  6. my ultimate good, to thwart it.^[48] I can choose evil as evil.
  7. A term describing the ultimate potential payday for a writer in a film deal. $400,000 against $800,000 means that the writer is paid $400,000 when the script is finished (through rewrite and polish); when and if the movie goes into production, the writer gets an additional $400,000.
  8. With Smarkets you can bet either for or against an event. Against is sometimes called 'lay' or 'laying' an outcome. In football betting against a team to win is the same as placing a bet for the opposition to win and for the draw.
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  10. ad. opposed to; not agreeing with something
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  12. Paolini has stated that a Rider's magic could change to match his or her dragon's color, so Arya's green magic is not necessarily indicative of her being the next Rider.