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Involving or characterized by conflict or opposition,
  1. Involving or characterized by conflict or opposition
    • - industry and government had an adversarial relationship
  2. Opposed; hostile
    • - the reviewer’s presumed adversarial relationship to his subject
  3. (of a trial or legal procedure) In which the parties in a dispute have the responsibility for finding and presenting evidence
    • - equality between prosecution and defense is essential in an adversarial system of justice

  1. The adversarial system (or adversary system) of law is the system of law that relies on the contest between each advocate representing his or her party's positions and involves an impartial person or group of people, usually a jury or judge, trying to determine the truth of the case. ...
  2. Characteristic of, or in the manner of, an adversary; combative, hostile, opposed
  3. (adversarially) In an adversarial way
  4. (adversaria) Originally, a book of accounts, so named from the placing of debt and credit in opposition to each other. A collection of notes or commentaries; a commonplace book
  5. (ADVERSARIA) note-book, memorandum-book, posting-book, in which the Romans entered memoranda of any importance, especially of money received and expended, è after transcribed, usually every month, into a kind of ledger (Tabulae justae, codex accepti et expensi). ...
  6. The Australian legal system is known as an adversarial system, where the prosecution lawyers and the defence lawyers will offer opposing arguments. They will argue in court about the facts, witnesses evidence and/or legal issues.
  7. A System of dispute resolution whereby two parties put forth competing arguments or claims to an impartial third party who makes a decision. (Method used in Australian Court systems. It , differs greatly from the Inquisitorial method defined below).
  8. the procedure used in trials in common law countries. The hearing is a contest between the parties of the dispute. The judge acts as a referee, determines what the relevant law is, and ensures that the proper procedural rules are followed. ...
  9. The system of legal procedure that is common in England and Wales and other common law legal systems. The facts are ascertained by two or more sides presenting their evidence and challenging the evidence of the opposing side(s). ...