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Able to be adjusted,
  1. Able to be adjusted
    • - the car has fully adjustable seats and steering wheel
    • - an adjustable wrench

  1. capable of being changed so as to match or fit; "adjustable seat belts"
  2. Adjustables are accent lights that can be aimed. The professional term is "adjustable accent light." In practice, most of the fixtures used for accent lighting are adjustable in some fashion.
  3. (Adjustability) To compensate for long term aging, a frequency adjustment capability is often required in OCXOs.  This adjustment also allows for shifts that may occur during transport and subsequent processing of the oscillator.  The frequency tuning range and resolution are specified. ...
  4. (ADJUSTABILITY) Maximum time interval after which the tile’s position in the adhesive layer can be adjusted without loss of adhesion strength.
  5. (Adjustability) how well you can adjust the nappy or wrap to fit your baby. A good fit is vital to achieve maximum containment, especially in a newborn, breastfed baby.
  6. The ability to adjust the Alert level, as in the Radalert 100.  Scientists disagree on what constitutes a dangerous level of radiation, so an adjustable alert allows the user to make that determination for his or herself. ...
  7. Having linear adjustment capability (usually with threads).
  8. speed drive (ASD) is one of the most general terms applied to equipment used to control the speed of machinery.
  9. life insurance This products combines features of both term and whole life coverage and has adjustable lengths of coverage and amounts of accumulated cash value. Premiums may be increased or decreased to fit specific needs. Such adjustments are not retroactive and apply only to the future.
  10. A wrench is a tool for gripping and turning metal objects which mostly have flat surfaces to provide grip. A pipe wrench grips iron/steel threaded pipe to turn it into fittings by having teeth and a structure that bites into the metal when pressure is applied. ...
  11. Can be conformed through snaps, velco, or hooks to fit children in more than one size or shape.
  12. A die where the v opening can be changed by turning a screw mechanism to spread the two sides of the v.