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acquisitions, plural;
  1. An asset or object bought or obtained, typically by a library or museum

  2. An act of purchase of one company by another
    • - there were many acquisitions among travel agents
    • - expanding by growth or acquisition
  3. Buying or obtaining an asset or object
    • - Western culture places a high value on material acquisition
  4. The learning or developing of a skill, habit, or quality
    • - the acquisition of management skills

  1. the act of contracting or assuming or acquiring possession of something; "the acquisition of wealth"; "the acquisition of one company by another"
  2. something acquired; "a recent acquisition by the museum"
  3. learning: the cognitive process of acquiring skill or knowledge; "the child's acquisition of language"
  4. skill: an ability that has been acquired by training
  5. Government procurement in the United States is based on many of the same principles as commercial contracting, but is subject to special laws and regulation as described below.
  6. Language acquisition is the process by which humans acquire the capacity to perceive, produce and use words to understand and communicate. This capacity involves the picking up of diverse capacities including syntax, phonetics, and an extensive vocabulary. ...
  7. Military acquisition is a management process dealing with a nation's investments in the technologies, programs, and product support necessary to achieve its national security strategy and support its armed forces. ...
  8. Learning is acquiring new knowledge, behaviors, skills, values, preferences or understanding, and may involve synthesizing different types of information. The ability to learn is possessed by humans, animals and some machines. Progress over time tends to follow learning curves.
  9. Acquisition is a Gnutella-based peer-to-peer client that is also capable of supporting BitTorrent designed specifically for Mac OS X. It is based on LimeWire and is a shareware product, priced from $25. ...
  10. (Acquisitions) The phrase mergers and acquisitions (abbreviated M&A) refers to the aspect of corporate strategy, corporate finance and management dealing with the buying, selling and combining of different companies that can aid, finance, or help a growing company in a given industry grow ...
  11. The act or process of acquiring; The thing acquired or gained; a gain
  12. (acquisitor) one who acquires
  13. (Acquisitions) One company takes over another by purchasing its assets or shares. Acquisitions can be friendly or hostile.
  14. (Acquisitions) Another name for materials acquired by the library or the department in the library that acquires them.
  15. (Acquisitions) Activities related to obtaining library materials through purchase, exchange, or gift.
  16. (Acquisitions) As of November 2008, Nike, Inc. owns four key subsidiaries: Cole Haan, Hurley
  17. (Acquisitions) Includes items an individual buys, such as goods, services or equipment, for their enterprise.
  18. (Acquisitions) The stage in the BookSurge bookmaking process after you upload your book files. During acquisitions, BookSurge will review your file(s) to ensure they meet our specifications and we have received all of the information we need, such as the appropriate placement of page and section ...
  19. (Acquisitions) completed and aired programmes that are bought or 'acquired' by another broadcaster.
  20. (Acquisitions) department in a publishing company that focuses on acquiring new manuscripts, reading through submissions, accepting certain manuscripts, etc.
  21. (Acquisitions) operations of a reporting entity that are acquired in a period. Separate disclosure of turnover, profits, etc must be made.
  22. (Acquisitions) which are purchases of other businesses, are merely another type of capital budgeting investment for a business. ...
  23. (acquisitions) a vehicle companies use to enter and develop new business areas involving buying an existing business. p. 348
  24. (acquisitions) goods brought into the UK from other EU countries - (goods brought into the UK from outside of the EU are known as Imports)
  25. The process of taking title to or ownership of something.