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accolades, plural;
  1. An award or privilege granted as a special honor or as an acknowledgment of merit
    • - the ultimate official accolade of a visit by the president
  2. An expression of praise or admiration

  3. A touch on a person's shoulders with a sword at the bestowing of a knighthood

  1. award: a tangible symbol signifying approval or distinction; "an award for bravery"
  2. In the Middle Ages, the accolade (or dubbing) was the central act in the rite-of-passage ceremonies conferring knighthood.
  3. 'Morton' (Accolade) is an elm cultivar cloned from a putative hybrid planted at the Morton Arboretum in 1924, which itself originated as seed collected from a tree at the Arnold Arboretum in Massachusetts. ...
  4. Accolade was an American video game developer and publisher of the 1980s and 1990s. Headquartered in San Jose, California, it was founded in 1984 by game industry veterans Alan Miller and Bob Whitehead. ...
  5. Modern musical symbols are the marks and symbols that are widely used in musical scores of all styles and instruments today. This is intended to be a comprehensive English guide to the various symbols encountered in modern musical notation.
  6. The AccoLade is the first all-girl alternative rock band from Saudi Arabia. The band consists of four college students of King Abdulaziz University. The band’s name comes from Edmund Leighton's painting The Accolade of a princess knighting a warrior.
  7. The Accolade is the annual art and literary magazine of Lakewood High School located in Lakewood, California.
  8. An expression of approval; praise; A special acknowledgment; an award; A salutation marking the conferring of knighthood, consisting of an embrace or a kiss, and a slight blow on the shoulders with the flat of a sword; A brace used to join two or more staves; Written Presidential certificate ...
  9. (Accolades) Critics generally have praised his virtuosity. 'On the technical level, Laplante worked wonders. At least half his program was very demanding from the standpoint of virtuosity,' wrote Claude Gingras (Montreal La Presse, 14 Nov 1978). ...
  10. (Ac'-co-lade) The ceremony by which in mediaeval times one was dubbed a knight. Antiquaries are not agreed on what this was. It has been made an embrace around the neck, a kiss or a slight blow upon the cheek or shoulder.
  11. Ceremony conferring the honor of knighthood. Generally the most important element of the accolade historically was the girding on of the sword, the giving of the military belt that signified the "coming of age" in a martial sense. ...
  12. Operational code-name for Allied attempt to capture the Dodecanese Islands in the Agean.
  13. (n) : a ceremony in conferring kinghood, honour, award
  14. Species of key that is written embracing several melodic lines in a score, to point out that they touch together.
  15. [ ákə làyd, ákə ld ] (plural ac·co·lades)
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  17. sign of praise, public recognition, knighting, curved molding
  18. (n) - public praise, award
  19. salutation, award or honor
  20. (1970) - Capitol Records