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Able to be agreed on; suitable,
  1. Able to be agreed on; suitable
    • - has tried to find a solution acceptable to everyone
  2. Adequate; satisfactory
    • - an acceptable substitute for champagne
  3. Pleasing; welcome
    • - some coffee would be most acceptable
  4. Able to be tolerated or allowed
    • - pollution in the city had reached four times the acceptable level

  1. worthy of acceptance or satisfactory; "acceptable levels of radiation"; "performances varied from acceptable to excellent"
  2. judged to be in conformity with approved usage; "acceptable English usage"
  3. satisfactory: meeting requirements; "the step makes a satisfactory seat"
  4. adequate for the purpose; "the water was acceptable for drinking"
  5. (acceptableness) acceptability: satisfactoriness by virtue of conforming to approved standards
  6. (acceptability) The quality of being acceptable; acceptableness; Operation plan review criterion. The determination as to whether the contemplated course of action is worth the cost in manpower, materiel, and time involved; is consistent with the law of war; and is militarily and politically ...
  7. (Acceptability) The process of determining which higher education courses will transfer to ASU.
  8. (Acceptability) indicates the degree of approval of a technology by the public in everyday life.
  9. (Acceptability) One of four criteria set out by Committee on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights by which to evaluate the right to the highest attainable standard of health. ...
  10. (Acceptability) Degree to which an advertisement, brand, package etc meets with consumer approval.
  11. (Acceptability) One of the "four tests of viability" that the Principles and Guidelines use as screening criteria. ...
  12. (acceptability) The extent to which a performance measure is deemed to be satisfactory or adequate by those who use it.
  13. capable of meeting approval or being accepted
  14. This designation means that a substitute may be used, without restriction, to replace the relevant ODS within the end-use specified. For example, HCFC-22 is an acceptable substitute for R-502 in industrial process refrigeration. ...
  15. Relating to noise-Day-night average sound level (DNL) not exceeding 65 decibels Noise exposure may be of some concern, but common building construction will make the indoor environment acceptable, and the outdoor environment will be reasonably pleasant for recreation and play. ...
  16. Dining area for acceps. - e.g., Please set the acceptable; company's coming and it's acceps for dinner again.
  17. condition in which a component is performing its intended purpose & is considered to be in an operable state.
  18. worthy, pleasing, welcome, tolerable, satisfactory, agreeable
  19. (adj) : worth accepting, agreeable, fit to be accepted
  20. capable or worthy; meeting only minimum requirements
  21. Bars that are considered as good delivery are acceptable.
  22. A book with obvious wear. May have some damage to the cover but integrity still intact. The binding may be slightly damaged but integrity is still intact. ...
  23. (v) alırģa bolluq, cararıq