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accelerators, plural;
  1. Something that brings about acceleration, in particular

  2. The device, typically a pedal, that controls the speed of a vehicle's engine

  3. An apparatus for accelerating charged particles to high velocities

  4. A substance that speeds up a chemical process, typically the vulcanization of rubber or the curing of a plastic

  1. a pedal that controls the throttle valve; "he stepped on the gas"
  2. a valve that regulates the supply of fuel to the engine
  3. catalyst: (chemistry) a substance that initiates or accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected
  4. a scientific instrument that increases the kinetic energy of charged particles
  5. Accelerator is a progressive-rock album by Bjørn Lynne.
  6. A throttle is the mechanism by which the flow of a fluid is managed by constriction or obstruction. An engine's power can be increased or decreased by the restriction of inlet gases (i.e., by the use of a throttle), but usually decreased. ...
  7. Accelerators are a form of selection-based search which allow a user to invoke an online service from any other page using only the mouse introduced by Microsoft in Internet Explorer 8. ...
  8. Accelerator is a data parallel library being developed by Microsoft Research. It allows data parallel programs to be written that runs on the GPU. It utilizes the DirectX runtime and shader programs to communicate with the GPU. The public API of the library is exposed using managed code
  9. Accelerator is the seventh studio album by Royal Trux. It was released in 1998.
  10. The Accelerator is a collection of development solutions for IBM i and Windows platforms using LANSA, and/or Microsoft .Net technologies provided by Surround Technologies( ...
  11. One who, or that which, accelerates; A device for causing acceleration; A substance which speeds up chemical reactions; An accelerator pedal
  12. (Accelerators) Material additives used to accelerate, or reduce, the setting time of concrete causing it to harden faster.
  13. (Accelerators) Substances employed to speed up the cure of adhesives, sealants, potting/encapsulation compounds and impregnants; See also catalyst .
  14. (Accelerators) The higher the pH of a developer, the faster development occurs. Buffer systems, such as sodium borate or carbonate, are primarily used to raise the pH because they are able to maintain it at a certain value throughout development. ...
  15. (Accelerators) used to prevent plaster from setting too slowly, to avoid dryout in hot dry weather and ensure normal strength when it does set.
  16. (accelerators) Internet Explorer 8–compatible add-ins that provide quick links to needed additional information on the spot without requiring a whole bunch more browsing.
  17. (accelerators) Keystrokes that allow users to select menu items using the keyboard. You can use accelerator keys to invoke a variety of menu items without using the mouse to select the item. Accelerator keystrokes are listed to the right of their menu items.
  18. Any material added to stucco, plaster or mortar which speeds up the natural set.
  19. A substance that hastens a reaction usually acting as a catalyst; as used in sand additive resins.
  20. chemical added to a developing solution to speed up the slow working action of the reducing agents in the solution.
  21. Any substance used to assist the decomposition of organic matter in the preparation of garden compost.
  22. A highly active oxidizing agent used to speed up the chemical reaction (curing) between a catalyst and resin. Examples include diethylaniline, cobalt naphthanate and cobalt octoate.
  23. Usually part B of an adhesive formula, it causes and/or speeds the resin’s curing process.
  24. A substance which, when added to concrete, mortar, or grout, increases the rate of hydration of the hydraulic cement, shortens the time of setting, or increases the rate of hardening of strength development, or both.
  25. An admixture used to shorten the set time of concrete and/or speed strength development. Accelerators are also used to the speed the chemical reaction and shorten the curing time of resin-based coatings.