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accelerations, plural;
  1. Increase in the rate or speed of something
    • - the acceleration of the industrialization process
    • - an acceleration in the divorce rate
  2. The rate of change of velocity per unit of time

  3. A vehicle's capacity to gain speed within a short time
    • - a Formula One car is superior to an Indy car in its acceleration

  1. an increase in rate of change; "modern science caused an acceleration of cultural change"
  2. the act of accelerating; increasing the speed
  3. (physics) a rate of increase of velocity
  4. (accelerate) move faster; "The car accelerated"
  5. (accelerated) speeded up, as of an academic course; "in an accelerated program in school"
  6. (acceleratory) accelerative: tending to increase velocity
  7. In physics, acceleration is the rate of change of velocity over time. In one dimension, acceleration is the rate at which something speeds up or slows down. However, since velocity is a vector, acceleration describes the rate of change of both the magnitude and the direction of velocity. ...
  8. Acceleration is the first full-length album by Norwegian avant-garde progressive metal band Age of Silence. It was released on September 14, 2004.
  9. Academic acceleration is the advancement of students in subjects at a rate that places them ahead of where they would be in the regular school curriculum. ...
  10. (Accelerations (waltz)) Accellerationen (Accelerations), op. 234, is a waltz composed by Johann Strauss II in 1860 for the Engineering Students' Ball at the Sofienbad-Saal in Vienna. It is one of his best-known waltzes, famous especially for its rapidly accelerating opening waltz theme.
  11. (Accelerate (REM album)) Accelerate is the fourteenth studio album by the American alternative rock band R.E.M., released on March 31, 2008 in Europe, and on April 1 in North America. Produced with Jacknife Lee, Accelerate is intended as a departure from the 2004 album Around the Sun. ...
  12. (Accelerate (Smallville)) Season two of Smallville, an American television series developed by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, began airing on September 24, 2002, on The WB television network. ...
  13. (Accelerations) Increase speed continuously for the time interval indicated. Same meaning as Build. “Build” is usually used for swimming, “Acceleration” for bike and run.
  14. (Accelerations) Periodic increases in the baseline fetal heart rate.
  15. (Accelerate) To increase the speed of the vehicle.
  16. (Accelerate) An option given to lenders through an “acceleration” clause in the mortgage or deed of trust requiring the borrower to pay the entire balance of the loan all at once if their loan is in default.
  17. (Accelerate) 4/08; Warner Bros.; Producer: R.E.M.
  18. (Accelerate) Anything done to speed up an otherwise natural process such as drying time of inks or coatings.
  19. (Accelerate) This character can move up to 24 squares if it does not attack.
  20. (Accelerate) To make a debt due and payable at once.
  21. (Accelerate) To raise the tempo of a roister. Things can seem quiet in the early stages. Though acceleration is an inevitable process, the rate may require stepping up. ...
  22. (Accelerate) To speed up. For example, when an airplane takes off it accelerates down the runway until enough lift is created by the air flowing over the wings so that it can fly.
  23. (accelerate) (v) cürüşünе qoşarģa, tеrklеndirirgе
  24. AcceleRate gives you the ability to increase the rate of your Certificate one time during the term. With AcceleRate, you have peace of mind knowing that you can take advantage of a great rate today and still take advantage of a better rate tomorrow..
  25. (Accelerated) an index prepared by computer, such as a census index