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academies, plural;
  1. A place of study or training in a special field
    • - a police academy
  2. A place of study

  3. A secondary school, typically a private one
    • - he had passed all his finals at Ephebus Academy
  4. The teaching school founded by Plato

  5. A society or institution of distinguished scholars, artists, or scientists, that aims to promote and maintain standards in its particular field
    • - the National Academy of Sciences
  6. The community of scholars; academe
    • - a writing and publishing world outside the academy

  1. a secondary school (usually private)
  2. an institution for the advancement of art or science or literature
  3. a school for special training
  4. a learned establishment for the advancement of knowledge
  5. An academy (Greek Ἀκαδημία) is an institution of higher learning, research, or honorary membership. The name traces back to Plato's school of philosophy, founded approximately 385 BC at Akademia, a sanctuary of Athena, the goddess of wisdom and skill, north of Athens, Greece. ...
  6. The Academy was an English dual-control car built by West of Coventry between 1906 and 1908. The cars had a 14 hp 4-cylinder engine by White and Poppe.
  7. Academy is an action/simulation computer game for the ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC and Amiga. It was released in 1987 by CRL. It achieved critical success in the year it was released.
  8. The Academy is a World Class (formerly Division I) drum and bugle corps that competes in Drum Corps International. Founded in 2001, The Academy is based in Tempe, Arizona. ...
  9. The Academy is the eponymous debut EP of The Academy Is..., released on March 23, 2004 by LLR Recordings. The CD was originally released before the band appended the "Is..." to their name. ...
  10. The Academy is a 4 star London hotel with 49 rooms, located in the Garden Square district of Bloomsbury. The hotel, which opened in March 2000, was originally five private homes built in 1776. The hotel is managed by The Eton Collection. ...
  11. (Academies) (originally called City academies). Effectively, private schools funded by the taxpayer. Announced in 2000, the first 3 opened in 2002. Very controversial.
  12. (Academies) Kerala Sahithya Akademy, Sangeetha Nataka Akademy and Kerala Lalithakala Academy are head quartered at Thrissur making the epithet 'cultural capital of Kerala' more meaningful.
  13. Academies are all ability independent schools established by sponsors from business, faith or voluntary groups working in partnership with central government and local education partners.
  14. Academies either replace one or more existing schools facing challenging circumstances or are new schools to meet local need for school places. ...
  15. An institution of artists and scholars, originally formed during the Renaissance to free artists from control by guilds and to elevate them from artisan to professional status. In an academy, art is taught as a humanist discipline along with other disciplines of the liberal arts.
  16. An institution whose origins lie in the many associations formed during the Renaissance, with the aim of establishing painters and sculptors as highly educated professionals equipped with a comprehensive theory of art as well as with technical skill.
  17. The replacement for the Junior World Rally Championship, the new-for-2011 WRC Academy is open to 24 drivers born on or after 1 January 1986. Drivers use identical Ford Fiesta R2s prepared by the British M-Sport organisation from a base in Krakow, Poland. ...
  18. (Gr. Akademla). A grove on the Cephissus near Athens, sacred to the hero Academus, and containing a gymna­sium. Here Plato, whose country-house was near, delivered his lectures; hence the school of philosophy founded by him received the name of " The Academy."
  19. for Playlife is a concept store inspired by the American college world.
  20. n. Brit. an inner-city school which is funded partly by the government and partly by a private individual or organization.
  21. Training sessions for new entertainer participants held each summer.
  22. A learning environment of peers/colleagues who receive specialized training; for EMDA purposes, the specialized training is in the area of leadership.
  23. a modern school where football is taught.
  24. A nickname for Minnehaha Academy as a whole, including all campuses and schools.
  25. Originally derived from the Akademeia, the grove in which Plato taught his seminars.