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  1. windshield: transparent screen (as of glass) to protect occupants of a vehicle
  2. The windshield (American terminology) or windscreen (British terminology) of an aircraft, car, bus, motorbike or tram is the front window. ...
  3. A porous device used to cover the microphone of a sound level measurement system that is designed to minimize the effects of winds and wind gusts on the sound levels being measured. Typically made of open cell polyurethane foam and spherically shaped.
  4. One of several code terms used to refer to the white glue solution coating that’s often applied to the finished surfaces of outside sculptures, to prevent wind erosion. See ‘Glue’.
  5. Material (usually foam rubber) that covers the microphone head or the entire microphone to reduce wind noise.
  6. The main piece of glass in a car, usually called a windshield in the US.
  7. "Windscreen" is the front window of the vehicle. It protects the occupants from wind.
  8. n. Windshield. Windscreen also means one of those things that you put up on a beach that stops the sand from blowing in and stops those inside from noticing that the tide is coming in. ...
  9. This is the window in the very front of the vehicle. Before contacting us, it's a good idea to check your windscreen's tint colour. If your vehicle was made in New Zealand it is normally only one colour, but if it's an import it can be a range of colours.
  10. Foam rubber covering specially designed to fit over the outside of a microphone head. Used to reduce plosive and blowing sounds. See also pop filter.
  11. A transparent fiberglass surface on the front of CARTcars designed to aid air flow and deflect turbulent air from the driver.
  12. A faux fur or foam cover that can be slipped on to a microphone to block wind noises from being recorded. Also refers to a camera function that reduces wind noise digitally.
  13. Windshield (of a motor vehicle).
  14. British term for Windshield.
  15. Microphone filter used to prevent popping and distortion.