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widows, plural;
  1. Make into a widow or widower
    • - she had to care for her widowed mother
  1. A woman who has lost her husband by death and has not remarried

  2. A woman whose husband is often away participating in a specified sport or activity
    • - a golf widow
  3. A last word or short last line of a paragraph falling at the top of a page or column and considered undesirable

  1. a woman whose husband is dead especially one who has not remarried
  2. cause to be without a spouse; "The war widowed many women in the former Yugoslavia"
  3. (widowed) single because of death of the spouse
  4. A widow is a woman whose spouse has died, while a man whose spouse has died is a widower. The state of having lost one's spouse to death is termed widowhood or occasionally viduity. The adjective form is widowed. ...
  5. WIDOW is a full-length album recorded by British rock band Ritual released in 1983. The album gained notability for the band when it was played several times by Alan Freeman on the Friday Rock Show. Also played on BBC World Service during an hour long interview with The Band by Tommy Vance. ...
  6. Widów may refer to the following places: *Widów, Masovian Voivodeship (east-central Poland) *Widów, Silesian Voivodeship (south Poland) *Widów, West Pomeranian Voivodeship (north-west Poland)
  7. Widow Sauce is a brand of hot sauce noted for its high Scoville Rating. Widow is manufactured by Florida-based Sauce Crafters, Incorporated. It's ingredients are listed on the bottle as Habanero Peppers, Assorted Hot Peppers, Soy Sauce, Worcestershire, Vinegar, Garlic, Capsaicin, Xanthan Gum. ...
  8. In typesetting, widows and orphans are words or short lines at the beginning or end of a paragraph, which are left dangling at the top or bottom of a column, separated from the rest of the paragraph. ...
  9. "The Widow" is a song by The Mars Volta, from their second album Frances the Mute. The song was first performed in May, 2004 at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles during The Mars Volta's three-night residence closing the tour supporting their debut LP, De-Loused in the Comatorium. ...
  10. (Widowed) A person who has had a valid marriage contract terminated by the death of his/her spouse and has not re-entered a valid marriage contract.
  11. (Widowed) Householder moved because husband/wife passed away.
  12. (Widows) To be treated with kindness (Exo 22:22; Deu 14:29; Deu 16:11, Deu 16:14; Deu 24:17, Deu 24:19; Deu 26:12; Deu 27:19, etc.). In the New Testament the same tender regard for them is inculcated (Act 6:1; Ti1 5:3) and exhibited.
  13. To dream that you are a widow, foretells that you will have many troubles through malicious persons. For a man to dream that he marries a widow, denotes he will see some cherished undertaking crumble down in disappointment.
  14. A single word or partial line.
  15. In composition, a single word in a line by itself, ending a paragraph, or starting a page, frowned upon in good typography.
  16. I. Canonical prescriptions concerning widows in the
  17. This is a single word or line of text that is left on the top of a page or column that was continued from a previous page or column. This is a no no in page layout.
  18. the lone word at the beginning or end of a paragraph. In typography, these are heavily frowned upon -- hence the expression "Kill the Widow" -- but they're quite welcome at the top or bottom of word balloons in comics. (See Fig. 13)
  19. The church bereft of it paramours. Marriage is an institution of God, but the marriage of the church to the kings of the earth was not with the divine blessing. It became an act of adultery and a symbol of her unfaithfulness to the heavenly bridegroom.
  20. an unmarried woman (or one no longer married) who engaged in teaching, preaching, and hospitality ministries in early Christian (esp. Pauline) churches
  21. The significant other of a derby participant.
  22. one or two words left on a separate line at the end of paragraph, especially where page breaks occur.
  23. A single word or line at the bottom of a page, which is the first line of the next paragraph continued on the next page. These should be removed. (also known as orphan)
  24. A special deal of extra cards, which a player may later pick up. Similar to blind, kitty, skat, talon, equivalent terms used in different games.
  25. for OAS, a widow includes widower, and means a person whose spouse or common-law partner has died, and who has not thereafter become the spouse or common-law partner of another person.