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whips, plural;
  1. Beat (a person or animal) with a whip or similar instrument, esp. as a punishment or to urge them on

  2. (of a flexible object or rain or wind) Strike or beat violently
    • - the wind whipped their faces
    • - ferns and brambles whipped at him
  3. Beat (cream, eggs, or other food) into a froth

  4. Urge or rouse someone into (a specified state or position)
    • - the radio host whipped his listeners into a frenzy
    • - the city had been whipped into shape
  5. (of a player or team) Defeat (a person or team) heavily in a sporting contest

  6. Move fast or suddenly in a specified direction
    • - I whipped around the corner
  7. Take out or move (something) fast or suddenly
    • - he whipped out his revolver and shot him
  8. Bind (something) with spirally wound twine

  9. Sew or gather (something) with overcast stitches

  1. A strip of leather or length of cord fastened to a handle, used for flogging or beating a person or for urging on an animal

  2. A thing causing mental or physical pain or acting as a stimulus to action
    • - councils are attempting to find new sites under the whip of a powerful agency
  3. A thing or person resembling a whip in form or function
    • - a licorice whip
  4. A utensil such as a whisk or an eggbeater for beating cream, eggs, or other food

  5. A slender, unbranched shoot or plant

  6. A scythe for cutting specified crops
    • - a grass whip
  7. A rope-and-pulley hoisting apparatus

  8. An official of a political party appointed to maintain discipline among its members in Congress or Parliament, esp. so as to ensure attendance and voting in debates

  9. A written notice from such an official requesting attendance for voting

  10. Party membership of a Member of Parliament or other elected body
    • - he asked for the whip to be withdrawn from them
  11. A dessert consisting of cream or eggs beaten into a light fluffy mass with fruit, chocolate, or other ingredients

  12. A violent striking or beating movement

  13. In metaphorical use referring to something that acts as a stimulus to work or action
    • - the governor cracked the whip in the city

  1. an instrument with a handle and a flexible lash that is used for whipping
  2. flog: beat severely with a whip or rod; "The teacher often flogged the students"; "The children were severely trounced"
  3. a legislator appointed by the party to enforce discipline
  4. worst: defeat thoroughly; "He mopped up the floor with his opponents"
  5. a dessert made of sugar and stiffly beaten egg whites or cream and usually flavored with fruit
  6. thrash about flexibly in the manner of a whiplash; "The tall grass whipped in the wind"
  7. The word whip describes two basic types of tools:-
  8. WHIP (1350 AM) is a radio station broadcasting an Oldies format. Licensed to Mooresville, North Carolina, USA. The station is currently owned by Mooresville Media, Inc.. WHIP has been serving Mooresville, NC and Iredell County since 1950. ...
  9. In baseball statistics, walks plus hits per inning pitched (WHIP) is a sabermetric measurement of the number of baserunners a pitcher has allowed per inning pitched. It is a measure of a pitcher's ability to prevent batters from reaching base. The stat was invented in 1979 by Daniel Okrent.
  10. The Whip is the alias used by at least four superheroes in DC Comics. The third one, although both better known and obscure at the same time, made his first appearance in Flash Comics #1. The most recent version appeared in 2005 and was created by Grant Morrison.
  11. The swingout (also known as Lindy turn or whip) is the defining dance move of Lindy Hop. The swingout evolved from the breakaway, which in turn evolved from the Texas Tommy. ...
  12. Whip is a kind of swing dance popular in Texas, USA, which is danced to Rhythm and Blues music.
  13. A lash; a pliant, flexible instrument, such as a rod (commonly of cane or rattan) or a plaited or braided rope or thong (commonly of leather) used to create a sharp "crack" sound for directing or herding animals Same instrument used to strike a person or animal for corporal punishment or torture ...
  14. (whipped) Controlled by a spouse or significant other to an unreasonable degree
  15. (whipping) The punishment of being whipped; A heavy defeat; a thrashing; A cooking technique in which air is incorporated into cream etc; A cord or thread used to lash or bind something; The lashing of the end of a rope. (FM 55-501)
  16. (whipped) (adj) when a boy/girl will do anything their girlfriend/boyfriend wants or asks them to do. Synonyms: disciplined. Freq: common. Connor is so whipped he would climb Everest for Pam.
  17. (Whipping) a particular method of execution that employs a snapping type of blow or strike, but with less force than a snap.
  18. (whipping) The string around the shaft/head of a wooden club.
  19. (Whipping) The straps used to re-inforce the join between the club head and shaft.
  20. (Whipping) The action of fanning the paint with the badger blender/softener.
  21. (whipping) binding the end of a line with a smaller line so it does not fray
  22. (9) Whipping) A method used by swinging an arm or leg to push another skater (usually the jammer) forward faster.
  23. (Whipping) A form of punishment used by owners or overseers on slaves, or inflicted by husbands on their wives. It can also appear in the documents as “sweeping"
  24. (Whipping) Another term for overcasting, but when longer stitches are made.
  25. (Whipping) Black thread (typically nylon) applied over the neck of a wooden wood to prevent the neck from splitting during play.