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The health, happiness, and fortunes of a person or group,
  1. The health, happiness, and fortunes of a person or group
    • - they don't give a damn about the welfare of their families
  2. Statutory procedure or social effort designed to promote the basic physical and material well-being of people in need
    • - the protection of rights to education, housing, and welfare
  3. Financial support given for this purpose

  1. social welfare: governmental provision of economic assistance to persons in need; "she lives on welfare"
  2. benefit: something that aids or promotes well-being; "for the benefit of all"
  3. wellbeing: a contented state of being happy and healthy and prosperous; "the town was finally on the upbeat after our recent troubles"
  4. Welfare or welfare work consists of actions or procedures — especially on the part of governments and institutions — striving to promote the basic well-being of individuals in need. ...
  5. health, happiness and prosperity; well-being in any respect; various forms of financial aid provided by the government to those who are in need of it
  6. A plan and program in the Church administered by priesthood officers and the Relief Society which attends to the temporal well-being of needy members and admonishes all members to become serf-reliant.
  7. The well-being of all; also the money provided by the government to those who cannot earn it themselves (See also Social welfare)
  8. The quality of a person’s experience of life in all its aspects. Welfare consists of the impact on individuals and/or groups of factors such as their physical, mental and spiritual health, as well as their physical, economic and social circumstances.
  9. Consideration for the comfort and well bieng of farm animals. The Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC) has issued 'Codes of Practice' covering the treatment and management of farm animals
  10. Refers to the economic well being of an individual, group, or economy. For individuals, it is conceptualized by a utility function. For groups, including countries and the world, it is a tricky philosophical concept, since individuals fare differently. ...
  11. Government programs that supplement the incomes of the needy.
  12. Giving people other people’s money to enable them to do what they do, which is a good thing if it’s MPR, the Coalition to Take Back the Night or any of a thousand “artists” living off State grants, but not when it’s businesspeople.  See Subsidy.
  13. Aid in the form of money or necessities for those in need; often from a government program.
  14. A system created to benefit people that don’t vote for your political party. “Welfare is ruining our culture!” “What about corporate welfare?” “Those payments are called incentives!”
  15. A term used as a synonym for public assistance or other programs that provide for the economic and social service needs of poor people.
  16. The finest and most successful constituent-breeding social program of all time.  The number of poor people stuck at the bottom of society's ladder has more than doubled in a mere forty years, and they all vote Democratic to keep the cash rolling in. ...
  17. Government provision of benefits to qualifying individuals or organizations.
  18. Access to facilities at the workplace e.g. clean eating area, washing areas.
  19. the organized efforts of government agencies that grant aid to the poor, the unemployed, etc.; such aid. Here, the term relates to Aunt Pearl's reminders to Alfred that the family is not on welfare, that they have jobs and enough money to pay the rent and buy clothes.
  20. Government benefits distributed to impoverished persons to enable them to maintain a minimum standard of well-being.
  21. Financial assistance that is funded by tax dollars and given by the government to people in need.
  22. A program to provide temporary assistance to church members in need. This includes food, payment of utility bills, and other services. Service is paid for through donations from members who fast for two meals and donate the money saved to a special fund. ...
  23. [L:], PO towards, is held high and descends 3x while closing as if regularly receiving money from above. For a QuickTime movie of this sign, see ASL browser - welfare.
  24. Collective responses (on the part of the state, the community and other sectors of society) to meeting the needs of individuals and families.
  25. (1) Wasteful spending on undeserving people who are not members of the “community;” (see above) or (2) Prescient contributions to the prosperity of the corporations made by grateful citizens who are fortunate to pay taxes to support tax deferments, tax loopholes, tax havens, tax breaks, and tax ...