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voyages, plural;
  1. Go on a long journey, typically by sea or in space
    • - he has voyaged through places like Venezuela and Peru
  2. Sail over or along (a sea or river)

  1. A long journey involving travel by sea or in space
    • - a six-year voyage to Jupiter
    • - writing a biography is a voyage of discovery

  1. ocean trip: an act of traveling by water
  2. travel on water propelled by wind or by other means; "The QE2 will sail to Southampton tomorrow"
  3. a journey to some distant place
  4. Chick Corea and Steve Kujala - Voyage (1984). This album is the epitome of Corea's ECM era (discounting the 'Return to Forever' LP). After having been involved in creating one of the 70's best fusion supergroups (RTF), it seems he felt it was time to settle down. ...
  5. Voyage was a European disco group, consisting of lead vocalist Sylvia Mason-James, along with Slim Pezin (guitar/vocals), Marc Chantereau (keyboards/vocals), Sauveur Mallia (bass) and Pierre-Alain Dahan (drums/vocals).
  6. Voyage is the second EP by American post-hardcore band, In Fear and Faith. It is independently produced and released by the band themselves and is the last release by In Fear and Faith to feature vocalist, Tyler "Telle" Smith. ...
  7. Voyage is a 1993 American TV film directed by John Mackenzie.
  8. "Voyage" is the 28th single released by Ayumi Hamasaki on September 26, 2002. "Voyage" debuted at #1 on the weekly charts with more than 319,020 copies sold in its first week and remained at the top position for 3 consecutive weeks out of a total 28 weeks on the chart, becoming her longest ...
  9. Voyage is a 1996 hard science fiction novel by British author Stephen Baxter. The book depicts a manned mission to Mars as it might have been in another timeline, one where John F. Kennedy survived the assassination attempt on him in 1963. ...
  10. Voyage is the 1978 self-titled debut album by European disco group, Voyage. As was the case with a number of disco albums during the 1970's, all cuts of Voyage's debut release made it to number one on the disco chart. ...
  11. The Voyage is an opera in three acts (plus a prologue and an epilogue) by the American composer Philip Glass (born 1937). The libretto was written by David Henry Hwang.
  12. The Voyage is an album by Irish folk musician, Johnny Duhan.
  13. The Voyage (Il viaggio, and also released as The Journey) is a 1974 Italian drama film directed by Vittorio De Sica. It was De Sica's final film.
  14. The Voyage is a hybrid wooden roller coaster which opened in May 2006 at Holiday World, an amusement park located in Santa Claus, Indiana, USA. A wooden hybrid consists of a steel structure with wood track. ...
  15. The Voyage is a 1921 short story by Katherine Mansfield. It was first published in The Sphere on 24 December 1921, and later reprinted in The Garden Party and Other Stories.
  16. "The Voyage" is an instrumental song by the progressive rock band The Moody Blues. It is the second song in a three-part suite that concludes their 1969 album On the Threshold of a Dream. "The Voyage" was composed by Mike Pinder, who was inspired to write it by Strauss' Also Sprach Zarathustra.
  17. A long journey; especially by ship; To go on a long journey
  18. To make a voyage in your dreams, foretells that you will receive some inheritance besides that which your labors win for you. A disastrous voyage brings incompetence, and false loves.
  19. Sometimes seen spelled "Voyáge" or "Voyagé" [but pronounced with stress on letter "a" as in "park", and not on the final "e" as in "day"], concept car designed by Jerry Brockstein, inspired by the Seville sedan, first shown GMT&T exhibition, New York, 1/1988; 4-dr., 4p. ...
  20. ran for four seasons, from 1964-1968, but was set in the then-future years between 1973-1980. President MacNeil was elected in 1972 and evidently won re-election in 1976. His character appeared in at least a half-dozen episodes of the series, all in its first and second seasons. ...
  21. There are literally thousands of books about sea voyaages. The following are just a few that the author has referenced and found interesting and informative.
  22. The trip designation (trade route and origin/destination) identifier, usually numerically sequential.
  23. A complete trip; A round trip, as distinguished from a "passage."
  24. (1999), by Jean-Michel Folon, depicts a boat sitting amid a pool of water. The boat has two passengers: a man with a hat—the everyman—on one end, and a sleeping cat on the other end.^[27]
  25. the official student publication of the College of Tourism and Hospitality Management