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The state of being strong and active; energy,
  1. The state of being strong and active; energy
    • - changes that will give renewed vitality to our democracy
  2. The power giving continuance of life, present in all living things
    • - the vitality of seeds

  1. an energetic style
  2. energy: a healthy capacity for vigorous activity; "jogging works off my excess energy"; "he seemed full of vim and vigor"
  3. life force: (biology) a hypothetical force (not physical or chemical) once thought by Henri Bergson to cause the evolution and development of organisms
  4. animation: the property of being able to survive and grow; "the vitality of a seed"
  5. A statistic (or stat) in role-playing games is a piece of data which represents a particular aspect of a fictional character. That piece of data is usually a (unitless) integer or, in some cases, a set of dice.
  6. The capacity to live and develop; Energy or vigour; That which distinguishes living from nonliving things; life, animateness
  7. A dynamic condition that distinguishes the living from the nonliving; used as a metric to conceptualize the relative health of a tree in response to its site condition.
  8. Measure of how busy a town or shopping centre is.
  9. In terms of retailing, the ability of a centre to create critical mass, grow or develop.
  10. Busy, Dramatic, Fitness, Good Health, Healthy, Intensity, Lively, On the go, Playing, Recreation, Spirit, Spontaneity, Vigour.
  11. Vitality increases the character's hit points (HP), defense against physical damage, resistance against status ailments such as Poison, and hit stun. The Swordman has skills which are augmented by VIT, such as HP Recovery, Endure, and Moving HP Recovery. ...
  12. measures your character’s toughness and resistance to physical trauma, and affects the amount of damage you can withstand. Abbreviated VIT.
  13. noun an animated level of energy and enthusiasm, vigor.
  14. is a measure of your character's overall health. The more vitality you have the more health and stamina you will have. With a higher vitality you also regenerate health faster. So getting higher vitality will help keep you recover from battles more quickly.
  15. an abundant physical and mental energy usually combined with a wholehearted and joyous approach to situations and activities.
  16. overall measure of physiological and biochemical processes, in which high vitality equates with near optimal function.
  17. Resilience granted by the Tough Trait
  18. The level of activity taking place.
  19. the life, energy, and spirit of an organization.