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  1. (of living things) capable of normal growth and development
  2. capable of being done in a practical and useful way
  3. (viable) feasible: capable of being done with means at hand and circumstances as they are
  4. Viability is the ability of a fetus to survive outside the uterus.Moore, Keith and Persaud, T. , p. 103 (Saunders 2003).
  5. the property of being viable; the ability to live or to succeed
  6. (viable) Able to live on its own (as for a newborn.); Able to be done, possible; In (biology), includes the capability of causing a change or producing a result
  7. (viable) capable of living independently and being reproductive.
  8. (viable) Alive and capable of continued life.
  9. (viable) (adj) - practical or workable
  10. (Viable) able to germinate or develop normally.
  11. (Viable) term used to describe an infant is able to survive outside of the womb.
  12. (Viable) Literally, "capable of life." Generally refers to the ability of microbial cells to grow and multiply as evidenced by, for example, formation of colonies on an agar culture medium, or, as with viruses, to divert the host cell's metabolism to replications of the parasite. ...
  13. (Viable) Refers to a seed that is alive and has the potential to germinate. [6]
  14. (Viable) Synonym: Living, alive.
  15. (Viable) This means that the proposed business venture is doable and practical. It also implies that, if everything goes according to plan, the business will be sustainable and profitable. (However, there are no guarantees in life.)
  16. (Viable) an action or proposed action which has a feasible, realistic outcome. (Common Usage) return to top
  17. (Viable) as it pertains to the neonate, means being able, after delivery, to survive (given the benefit of available medical therapy) to the point of independently maintaining heartbeat and respiration.
  18. (viable) Capable of living; especially said of a fetus reaching a stage of development that it can live outside of the uterus.
  19. (viable) can survive and produce offspring that survive
  20. A viable seed is one that will germinate and produce a vigorous plant. Seeds must not be harvested before they have matured enough to be viable. There is wide variation in the point of maturity at which a seed can be harvested and still be viable.
  21. The term "viable" describes a baby who is considered capable of living.
  22. Viable means a newborn is potentially able to survive.
  23. refers to financial and institutional viability. Financial viability is the ability of a microfinance institution (MFI) to cover its costs with its interest and fee revenues. ...
  24. The point at which a fetus has more than a 50% chance to live outside the womb. In humans the point of viability happens at approximately 25 weeks.