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verges, plural;
  1. Incline in a certain direction or toward a particular state
    • - his style verged into the art nouveau school
  1. A wand or rod carried before a bishop or dean as an emblem of office

  1. border on; come close to; "His behavior verges on the criminal"
  2. brink: a region marking a boundary
  3. the limit beyond which something happens or changes; "on the verge of tears"; "on the brink of bankruptcy"
  4. scepter: a ceremonial or emblematic staff
  5. a grass border along a road
  6. Verge is a two-disc compilation album by Japanese music production unit I've Sound and volume two in their Girls Compilation album series. It was released on July 17, 2000, compiling the songs they have produced for various adult PC games as well as some new tracks. ...
  7. Verge is a game engine intended to allow users to design their own independent games in 2D. With the name being an acronym for Vecna's Extraordinary Roleplaying Game Engine, it was originally directed at making roleplaying games, but as of Verge 2 and above, it is now capable of other kinds of ...
  8. The Solarian League is a fictional star-nation in the Honorverse, the background setting for a series of novels and short stories in the military science fiction genre, written by David Weber and others and published by Baen Books.
  9. The Verge is an XM Radio Canada channel featuring new and emerging rock bands from Canada. The channel is produced in Toronto, Ontario for the entire XM platform. ...
  10. Vergès as a personal name can refer to: * Jacques Vergès, French lawyer, well known for defending war criminals. * Paul Vergès, French (Reunionese) politician (communist party). Twin of Jacques Vergès.
  11. A rod or staff of office, e.g. of a verger; An edge or border; The grassy area between the sidewalk and the street; a tree lawn; A male rod, phallus; An extreme limit beyond which something specific will happen; To be or come very close; to border; to approach
  12. (verges) n. 1. Shoulder of a road as in, ``soft verges.''
  13. The line where the trussed rafters meet the gable wall.
  14. The wall (or rafter) under the edge of a roof where it tops a gable end. The sides of the tiles down the verge were traditionally cemented, nowadays closing strips are available.
  15. The edge of tiles, slates or shingles, projecting over the gable of a roof
  16. The edge of a roof, especially over a gable.
  17. The edge of a sloping roof at the gables.
  18. The verge is the outer margin or structural border of a plate. The demarcation between the outer rim of a plate and its center is often called the verge line.
  19. The edge of a sloping roof which overhangs a gable and is usually finished by a barge board.
  20. the edge of a piece of land or a highway. The highway roadside is called the "verge," and the part of a residential yard between the street and sidewalk, or about the first five feet from the street, is also called a verge.
  21. An early type of escapement, technically the shaft on to that the pallet faces are fitted.
  22. Vector viewpoint symbol; Vortex angle sign.
  23. The edge of a roof which runs from eaves to ridge at a gable.
  24. grass area on side of road; berm
  25. Sloping edge of a pitched roof.