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(of animals, esp. snakes, or their parts) Secreting venom; capable of injecting venom by means of a bite or sting,
  1. (of animals, esp. snakes, or their parts) Secreting venom; capable of injecting venom by means of a bite or sting

  2. (of a person or their behavior) Full of malice or spite
    • - she replied with a venomous glance

  1. deadly: extremely poisonous or injurious; producing venom; "venomous snakes"; "a virulent insect bite"
  2. poisonous: marked by deep ill will; deliberately harmful; "poisonous hate"; "venomous criticism"; "vicious gossip"
  3. (venomously) poisonously: in a very malevolent manner
  4. (venom) toxin secreted by animals; secreted by certain snakes and poisonous insects (e.g., spiders and scorpions)
  5. (venom) malice: feeling a need to see others suffer
  6. Garth Woodside (born August 7, 1979 in Nassau, Bahamas), known as Skalin Spida, Venomous, and Spida Iyah, is an emerging and upcoming Bahamian dancehall artist, a new member of the dancehall scene hailing from the shores of the Bahamas.
  7. Venom is any of a variety of toxins used by certain types of animals. Generally, venom is injected by such means as a bite or a sting. Poison, by contrast, is ingested or inhaled by the victim.
  8. (Venom (1981 film)) Venom is a 1981 horror film about a kidnapping gone wrong, when a boy's deadly Black Mamba turns the tables and terrorizes the terrorists who have invaded the boy's townhouse. Directed by Piers Haggard, it stars Klaus Kinski, Oliver Reed, Nicol Williamson and Sarah Miles. ...
  9. (Venom (2005)) Venom is a 2005 voodoo horror-of-demonic-film starring Agnes Bruckner, Jonathan Jackson, Laura Ramsey, Meagan Good, D.J. Cotrona, and Method Man.
  10. (Venom (album)) Venom is the upcoming third studio album by American rapper Chamillionaire; it has been repeatedly pushed back over the past year, most recently from June 22nd, 2010, and previously March 16th, 2010, February 2, 2010, and December 8, 2009.
  11. (Venom (Angelo Fortunato)) Venom (Angelo Fortunato) was a fictional Marvel Comics supervillain, being the second to take on the mantle of Venom. He first appeared in Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #7 and was killed an issue later. ...
  12. Full of venom; Toxic; poisonous; Noxious; evil; Malignant; spiteful; hateful; Producing venom (poison usually injected into an enemy or prey by biting or stinging) in glands or accumulating venom from food
  13. (Venom) A poisonous liquid injected through the tarantula's fangs that serves to paralyze the prey and begin tehprocess of external digestion.
  14. (venom) VEN-uhm/ A toxin produced by an animal; usually injected by a bite or sting.
  15. (VENOM) A poison, usually derived from snakes, sea creatures. or insects.
  16. (Venom (veh-nuhm)) A variety of poisonous fluids that several groups organisms use when hunting or defending themselves
  17. (Venom) (Ento, Epi, Trop, Vet, Zoo)
  18. (Venom) (Previously known as The Beast) was a steel powered dark-roller coaster. It was removed in 2005 due to increasing safety regulations with indoor roller coasters. While operated, the ride was enclosed inside a building and kept in the dark. ...
  19. (Venom) 1) The juice of hate. 2) The sap of reformers, moralists, and socialists. 3) The deadly smile of the optimist when he looks at the underdog. 4) The physical sweat of a defeated candidate and the emotional sweat of old maids. ...
  20. (Venom) A liquid injected by one animal into another which causes pain or destruction of body tissue. Some venoms are lethal (cause death), depending on the animal (or person) being injected. ...
  21. (Venom) Anything that I write is considered venom, whether it is directed at you, your friends, your boss, your dog, or your mother. Especially your dog and your mother.
  22. (Venom) Exploded due to the high-pitching sound waves coming from the speakers.
  23. (Venom) Graphics Accelerator found in older workstations
  24. (Venom) In some insects, a secretion of glands opening through pores near the tip of each cheliceral fang, serving to immobilize prey.
  25. (Venom) Of all the villains introduced in the past 20+ years, Venom may be the most significant. His real identity is Eddie Brock, a former Daily Bugle reporter who is fired after running a story falsely identifying Spider-Man’s true identity. ...