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veils, plural;
  1. Cover with or as though with a veil
    • - she veiled her face
  2. Partially conceal, disguise, or obscure
    • - a thinly veiled threat
  1. A piece of fine material worn by women to protect or conceal the face
    • - a white bridal veil
  2. A piece of linen or other fabric forming part of a nun's headdress, resting on the head and shoulders

  3. A thing that conceals, disguises, or obscures something
    • - shrouded in an eerie veil of mist
  4. A membrane that is attached to the immature fruiting body of some toadstools and ruptures in the course of development, either (universal veil) enclosing the whole fruiting body or (partial veil) joining the edges of the cap to the stalk

  5. (in Jewish antiquity) The piece of precious cloth separating the sanctuary from the body of the Temple or the Tabernacle

  1. head covering: a garment that covers the head and face
  2. to obscure, or conceal with or as if with a veil; "women in Afghanistan veil their faces"
  3. a membranous covering attached to the immature fruiting body of certain mushrooms
  4. obscure: make undecipherable or imperceptible by obscuring or concealing; "a hidden message"; "a veiled threat"
  5. caul: the inner membrane of embryos in higher vertebrates (especially when covering the head at birth)
  6. humeral veil: a vestment worn by a priest at High Mass in the Roman Catholic Church; a silk shawl
  7. A veil is an article of clothing, worn almost exclusively by women, that is intended to cover some part of the head or face.
  8. Veil is the fifth of six albums by Band of Susans, released in 1993. The last track, a remix of a song completely different from the Blue Öyster Cult song "The Red and the Black", is not listed on copies of the album.
  9. A veil, in botany, is one of several structures in fungi, especially the thin membrane that covers the cap and stalk of an immature mushroom.
  10. Veil is the name of three characters from Marvel Comics.
  11. The Veil is the title of an American horror/suspense anthology television series produced in 1958 by Hal Roach Studios.
  12. Veiled is the debut album by American singer/songwriter Leah Andreone, released in 1996 (see 1996 in music).
  13. Something hung up, or spread out, to intercept the view, and hide an object; a cover; a curtain; esp. ...
  14. (Veiled) Like a silk veil is over the speakers. Slight noise or distortion or slightly weak high frequencies. Not transparent.
  15. (Veiling) A spray painting technique where thick paint is sprayed in one long continuous string. Veiling requires the use of a special veiling gun and veiling paint. The syrupy veiling lacquer is mixed with color toner and shot onto the surface in a continuous stream in free form patterns.
  16. (Veiling) The way the Chinchilla’s main coloration envelops his body.
  17. (Veils) Crystal Frost Bridal Collection
  18. (Veils) Since the ancient Hebrews evidently knew nothing of the strict separation of men and women customary among the Moslems, the women wore veils only on certain occasions, as on the wedding-day (Genesis 24:65, 29:22 et seq.). ...
  19. Black fabric that is used to cover a Saudi Arabian Muslim woman's face. The material can be sheer or thick.
  20. An ultrathin mat often composed of organic fibers as well as of glass fibers; used primarily in corrosion barriers.
  21. Ultra thin mat similar to a surface mat.
  22. a piece of lace or net used to cover the head or conceal the face.
  23. On the altar, a seasonally colored cloth that is placed over the pall.
  24. “This world is the locus of the veil, except for the gnostics, for they have the station of the last world in this world.” And veils are of different sorts, among them are veils through which creatures are veiled from God.
  25. a purdah worn by pious muslim women, to cover ones vanity, see niqaab