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variances, plural;
  1. The fact or quality of being different, divergent, or inconsistent
    • - her light tone was at variance with her sudden trembling
  2. The state or fact of disagreeing or quarreling
    • - they were at variance with all their previous allies
  3. A discrepancy between two statements or documents

  4. An official dispensation from a rule or regulation, typically a building regulation

  5. A quantity equal to the square of the standard deviation

  6. (in accounting) The difference between expected and actual costs, profits, output, etc., in a statistical analysis

  1. discrepancy: an event that departs from expectations
  2. division: discord that splits a group
  3. the second moment around the mean; the expected value of the square of the deviations of a random variable from its mean value
  4. discrepancy: a difference between conflicting facts or claims or opinions; "a growing divergence of opinion"
  5. variability: the quality of being subject to variation
  6. an official dispensation to act contrary to a rule or regulation (typically a building regulation); "a zoning variance"
  7. In probability theory and statistics, the variance is used as one of several descriptors of a distribution. It describes how far values lie from the mean. In particular, the variance is one of the moments of a distribution. ...
  8. In budgeting (or management accounting in general), a variance is the difference between a budgeted, planned or standard amount and the actual amount incurred/sold. Variances can be computed for both costs and revenues.
  9. Variance is the third album by electronic musician Jega, released on 20 July 2009 by Planet Mu.
  10. Within the type system of a programming language, covariance and contravariance refers to the ordering of types from narrower to wider and their interchangeability or equivalence in certain situations (such as parameters, generics, and return types).
  11. A variance is a requested deviation from the set of rules a municipality applies to land use known as a zoning ordinance, building code or municipal code. ...
  12. The act of varying or the state of being variable; A difference between what is expected and what happens; The state of differing or being in conflict; A discrepancy, especially between two legal documents; The second central moment in probability
  13. (Variances) Approved uses of land outside the scope of an area’s zoning.
  14. (Variances) The difference between two things.  Usually used in accounting when comparing actual versus standard, or budget versus actual.
  15. (variances) Deviations from the norm that may provide warning signs of situations requiring corrective action by managers
  16. (variances) The differences obtained from subtracting actual results from expected or budgeted results.
  17. (variances) differences between the actual situation during an operation and what the plan forecasted the situation would be at that time or event
  18. Permission obtained from governmental zoning authorities to build a structure or conduct a use which is expressly prohibited by the current zoning laws; an exception from the zoning laws.
  19. An exception to municipal zoning regulations granted for a specific time period to allow for non-conforming use of the land.
  20. A special suspension of zoning laws to allow the use of property in a manner not in accord with existing laws.
  21. Special administrative procedure by which one may obtain an exception to zoning rules such as height, setback and type of use.
  22. An exception to a zoning ordinance, usually granted by a local government. For example, if you own an oddly shaped lot that could not accommodate a home in accordance with your city's setback requirement, you could apply at the appropriate office for a variance allowing you to build closer to a ...
  23. A measure of the up and down swings your bankroll goes through. Variance is not necessarily a measure of how well you play. However, the higher your variance, the wider swings you'll see in your bankroll.
  24. A permit granted as an exception to a zoning ordinance that allows a property owner to meet certain specified needs.
  25. Refers to permission that allows a property owner to depart from the literal requirements of a zoning ordinance that, because of special circumstances, cause a unique hardship. ...