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utilities, plural;
  1. Useful, esp. through being able to perform several functions
    • - a utility truck
  2. Denoting a player capable of playing in several different positions in a sport

  3. Functional rather than attractive
    • - utility clothing
  4. Of or relating to the lowest US government grade of beef

  5. (of domestic animals) Raised for potential profit and not for show or as pets

  1. The state of being useful, profitable, or beneficial
    • - he had a poor opinion of the utility of book learning
  2. (in game theory or economics) A measure of that which is sought to be maximized in any situation involving a choice

  3. A public utility

  4. Stocks and bonds in public utilities

  5. A utility program

  1. a company that performs a public service; subject to government regulation
  2. utility(a): used of beef; usable but inferior
  3. the quality of being of practical use
  4. utility(a): capable of substituting in any of several positions on a team; "a utility infielder"
  5. the service (electric power or water or transportation) provided by a public utility; "the cost of utilities never decreases"; "all the utilities were lost after the hurricane"
  6. (economics) a measure that is to be maximized in any situation involving choice
  7. In economics, utility is a measure of relative satisfaction. Given this measure, one may speak meaningfully of increasing or decreasing utility, and thereby explain economic behavior in terms of attempts to increase one's utility. ...
  8. In sport, a utility player is one who can play several positions competently, a sort of jack of all trades. Sports in which the term is often used include association football (soccer), baseball, rugby, rugby league, water polo and softball.
  9. ' is a header file in the C++ Standard Library. This file has two key components: *, a namespace containing set of templates which define default behavior for the relational operators , , , and between objects of the same type, based on user-defined operators and . ...
  10. A pickup truck (or pick-up truck or simply pickup, also called bakkie in South Africa and ute — an abbreviation of "utility vehicle" — in Australia and New Zealand) is a light motor vehicle with an open-top rear cargo area (bed) which is almost always separated from the cab to allow for chassis ...
  11. Utility software is a kind of system software designed to help analyze, configure, optimize and maintain the computer. A single piece of utility software is usually called a utility (abbr. util) or tool.
  12. In United States patent law, utility is a patentability requirement. Today, the utility requirement is the lowest bar and is easily met. Largely utility is used to prevent the patenting of inoperative devices such as perpetual motion machines. ...
  13. The state or condition of being useful; usefulness; Something that is useful; The ability of a commodity to satisfy needs or wants; the satisfaction experienced by the consumer of that commodity; A service provider, such as an electric company or water company or its securities; A software ...
  14. (utile) A theoretical unit of measure of utility, for indicating a supposed quantity of satisfaction derived from an economic transaction; Useful
  15. (Utilities) Power, Electric, Water, Gas, Telephone
  16. (UTILITIES) Services, such as gas, electricity, water, sewers, which are required in any dwelling and for which the owner must pay separately. In some jurisdictions, arrears in payment of charges for utilities may form a lien on the property.
  17. (Utilities) or Services. Normally gas, electricity and water. Tenant is usually responsible for paying these.
  18. (Utilities) The private or public service facilities such as gas, electricity, telephone, water and sewer that are provided as part of the development of the land.
  19. (Utilities) services provided to the public, such as electric, natural gas, communication/telecommunication, cable, sewer and water
  20. (Utilities) the lease should indicate whether the landlord or renter will pay the utilities;
  21. (Utilities) Services such as heat, water and electricity that may or may not be included in the amount of rent paid. Cable and telephone services are usually not included.
  22. (Utilities) Antivirus , Backup ...
  23. (12. Utilities) Property Manger calculates the per roommate cost of utilities and supplies.  Utilities include gas, water, sewer, electrical, TV, and wireless internet.  Supplies include all basic cleaning supplies needed for the common areas of the house including kitchens and bathrooms. ...
  24. (UTILITIES) Marine term for FATIGUES, the work/combat uniform that bore a stencil of the USMC emblem on the chest pocket. Compare MARPAT, see DRESS.