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Toward the sky or a higher position,
  1. Directed or moving toward a higher place or position
    • - the up escalator
  2. Denoting a flavor of quark having a charge of +2/3. Protons and neutrons are thought to be composed of combinations of up and down quarks

  3. In a cheerful mood; ebullient
    • - the mood here is resolutely up
  4. (of a computer system or industrial process) Functioning properly
    • - the system is now up
  5. At an end
    • - his contract was up in three weeks
    • - time's up
  6. (of a jockey) In the saddle

  1. From a lower to a higher point on (something); upward along
    • - she climbed up a flight of steps
  2. From one end to another of (a street or other area), not necessarily on an upward slope
    • - bicycling up Pleasant Avenue toward Maywood Avenue
    • - walking up the street
  3. To a higher part of (a river or stream), away from the sea
    • - a cruise up the Rhine
  1. Do something abruptly or boldly
    • - she upped and left him
  2. Cause (a level or amount) to be increased
    • - capacity will be upped by 70 percent next year
  3. Lift (something) up
    • - everybody was cheering and upping their glasses
  4. Raise or pick up (something)
    • - this woman ups with a stone
  1. A period of good fortune
    • - you can't have ups all the time in football
  1. Toward the sky or a higher position
    • - he jumped up
    • - two of the men hoisted her up
    • - the curtain went up
  2. Upstairs
    • - she made her way up to bed
  3. Out of bed
    • - Miranda hardly ever got up for breakfast
    • - he had been up for hours
  4. (of the sun) Visible in the sky after daybreak
    • - the sun was already up when they set off
  5. Expressing movement toward or position in the north
    • - I drove up to Detroit
  6. To or at a place perceived as higher
    • - going for a walk up to the stores
  7. Toward or in the capital or a major city
    • - give me a ring when you're up in London
  8. At or to a university, esp. Oxford or Cambridge
    • - they were up at Cambridge about the same time
  9. (of food that has been eaten) Regurgitated from the stomach
    • - I was sick and vomited up everything
  10. Used as a command to a soldier or an animal to stand up and be ready to move or attack
    • - up, boys, and at ῾em
  11. To the place where someone is
    • - Dot didn't hear Mrs. Parvis come creeping up behind her
  12. At or to a higher level of intensity, volume, or activity
    • - she turned the volume up
    • - liven up the graphics
    • - U.S. environmental groups had been stepping up their attack on GATT
  13. At or to a higher price, value, or rank
    • - sales are up 22.8 percent at $50.2 million
    • - unemployment is up and rising
  14. Winning or at an advantage by a specified margin
    • - there they were in the fourth quarter, up by 11 points
    • - we came away 300 bucks up on the evening
  15. Into the desired or a proper condition
    • - the mayor agreed to set up a committee
  16. So as to be finished or closed
    • - I've got a bit of paperwork to finish up
    • - I zipped up my sweater
  17. Into a happy mood
    • - I don't think anything's going to cheer me up
  18. Displayed on a bulletin board or other publicly visible site
    • - he put up posters around the city
  19. (of sailing) Against the current or the wind

  20. (of a ship's helm) Moved so that the rudder is to leeward

  21. At bat
    • - every time up, he had a different stance

  1. being or moving higher in position or greater in some value; being above a former position or level; "the anchor is up"; "the sun is up"; "he lay face up"; "he is up by a pawn"; "the market is up"; "the corn is up"
  2. raise; "up the ante"
  3. spatially or metaphorically from a lower to a higher position; "look up!"; "the music surged up"; "the fragments flew upwards"; "prices soared upwards"; "upwardly mobile"
  4. astir(p): out of bed; "are they astir yet?"; "up by seven each morning"
  5. to a higher intensity; "he turned up the volume"
  6. improving: getting higher or more vigorous; "its an up market"; "an improving economy"
  7. -up is a suffix commonly found in place names in south western Western Australia.
  8. Up is a 1984 short film directed by Mike Hoover and Tim Huntley. It won an Academy Award in 1985 for Best Short Subject.
  9. Up is a 2009 computer-animated comedy-adventure film produced by Pixar Animation Studios, distributed by Walt Disney Pictures and presented in Disney Digital 3-D. ...
  10. Up is ABC's fifth and final PolyGram studio album, released in 1989. This time experimenting with house music, ABC scored a minor UK hit with the single "One Better World", an ode to love, peace and tolerance. "The Real Thing" was also released as a single.
  11. In complexity theory, UP ("Unambiguous Non-deterministic Polynomial-time") is the complexity class of decision problems solvable in polynomial time on a non-deterministic Turing machine with at most one accepting path for each input. UP contains P and is contained in NP.
  12. Combinatorial game theory (CGT) is a mathematical theory that studies two-player games which have a position in which the players take turns changing in defined ways or moves to achieve a defined winning condition. CGT does not study games of chance (like poker). ...
  13. The direction opposed to the pull of gravity; a positive thing; To increase or raise; To promote; To act suddenly, usually with another verb; Awake; Finished, to an end; In a good mood; Willing; ready; Next in a sequence; Happening; new; Facing upwards; facing toward the top; Standing; On a ...
  14. (UPS) Uninterruptible Power Supply.  UPS keeps the server running on a battery for several minutes after a power outage, allowing for a clean shutdown without loss of data.  UPS can also shield the server from line voltage spikes and drops.
  15. (UPS) An uuninterrupted power supply uses heavy duty batteries to help smooth out its input power source.
  16. (UPS) United Parcel Service.
  17. (UPS) “Unnatural Pile of Sticks”. A common telltale sign of a hidden cache. Sometimes UPR (Unnatural Pile of Rocks) or URP (Unnatural Rock Pile) is used.
  18. (UPS) universal polar stereographic
  19. (UPS) Uninterruptible Power Supply. A battery powered device that will allow your computer to run when AC power is turned off. These are also essential for a reliable VoIP service as you can also plug in your Broadband and VoIP devices.
  20. (UPS) Uninterruptible Power Supply is a device that provides energy backup to the IT system during electricity fluctuation or failure, thereby enabling the user to save valuable data during a power failure.
  21. (UPS) An acronym for uninterruptible power source. A UPS is primarily used as a back up power source for computers and computer networks to insure on-going operation in the event of a power failure. Sophisticated units also have power conditioning and power monitoring features.
  22. (UPS) Uninterruptible Power Supply. A battery backup power source, commonly used with PCs. However, because some AV components require internal cooling fans after shut down, a UPS will prevent overheating in the event of a power outage. ...
  23. (UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)) A series of batteries through which the main supply is passed. Should the main supply fail, the batteries ensure continuity of power to the computer for a short time, allowing the computer to shut down in an organized way and avoiding corrupted or incomplete ...
  24. (UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)) An electronic device connected between the utility power and end user comprising generally of filters, rectifier, batteries, DC/AC inverter, transfer switch and associated circuits. ...
  25. (UPS (United Parcel Service)) UPS delivers packages Monday-Friday and will not deliver on Saturday’s. This should also be taken into consideration when estimating your delivery dates. ...